We are just a few days away from the official start of festival season, aka Coachella. Whether you’ve got tickets to the big festival or you’re going to hit up other music events this season, you will know that it’s as much about your look as what you’re going to see. And your festival beauty look is as important as your boho outfit. While floral crowns and Flash Tattoos are always festival staples, glittery hairstyles are becoming another festival essential. It started with glitter roots, and the sparkly looks just keep getting more and more creative.

Glitter Hair

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If you want to add some glitter into your festival look, here are 12 glittery hairstyles that will make you shine bright during all of your summer festivals:

1. Boxer Braids with Chunky Glitter

Boxer braids are a brilliant festival hairstyle because they keep your hair out of your face and they work with greasy roots. Throw some chunky glitter in the mix, and you have your new go-to festival look.

2. Wavy Buns with Gold Glitter

You don’t need to have a sharp part for glitter roots to work. This soft look and the sparkle work so well together.

3. Falling Glitter

How pretty is this? It shows that you don’t have to only focus the glitter on your roots.

4. Double Glitter Parts

Why stop at one glitter part? This look earns extra points for coordinating the glitter with the eye makeup.

5. Half-Up Space Buns with Star Sparkles

Here’s your proof that you don’t need a ton of glitter to make an impact. A few silver stars will do the trick.

6. Sparkly Zigzag Part

What’s better than a zigzag part? A zigzag part that’s covered in multicolored glitter, that’s what.

7. Coordinating Roots and Ends

Are you rocking an ombre hair color? Tie everything together by matching your hair glitter to your dyed ends.

8. Double Buns with Cascading Glitter

Take your face glitter and extend it back into your hair for a cohesive finish.

9. Glitter Side Part

Glitter roots aren’t just for those with long hair. If you’ve got shorter locks, try enhancing a deep part with a mix of different sparkles.

10. Understated Glitter

More glitter isn’t always better. This falling glitter looks like fairy dust thanks to the way only a pinch has been sprinkled on the top of her head.

11. Glittery Undercut

Whether you have an undercut or you’re wearing your hair pulled up in a bun or a ponytail, promise us that you’ll try this look out.

12. Braided Buns with Mixed Glitter Roots

Braids plus space buns equals gorgeous. However, braids plus space buns plus chunky glitter equals genius.

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