The braid is the hairstyle of summer for many. A lot of people gravitate towards side braids and fishtail braids. If you’re looking for something different to try, there’s a new trending braid hairstyle: the DNA braid.

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DNA braids might sound a bit freaky, but there are no out-of-the-ordinary hair accessories involved. In fact, there aren’t any hair accessories involved save for your standard hair elastic to fashion the braid. DNA braids get their name because they create a three-dimensional curved finish, like a strand of DNA.

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A quick search on social media will tell you that there are a multitude of ways you can wear a DNA braid. They can be worked into updos, half updos, have twisted incorporated, be mixed with other braids, or only created in a tiny section of the head.

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Those who aren’t confident with their braiding skills can start off by twisting different sections of hair then coiling them together to form a DNA braid. Alternatively, you could braid different sections then twist them around each other to create the signature 3D effect of a DNA braid.

There are definitely a lot of gorgeous #hairgoals DNA braids, but don’t feel you need to limit yourself to those. Get creative and use them as a jumping off point. And play to your strengths. If you’re a master of waterfall braids, try incorporating those. If you still don’t get fishtail braids, leave them out and do something else.

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