Everyone knows that I love dry shampoo, and I rely on the use of dry shampoo to keep my hair from looking greasy. One of the trade-offs with most dry shampoos is that in order to sop up all the grease on your scalp, your hair gets a dry shampoo to feel to it. The feeling is often dry, a little grimy, and tacky. I’ve always just dealt with the feeling because it’s better than daily washing or flat greasy hair, right?

Miss Universe Style Illuminate Dry Shampoo
Miss Universe Dry Shampoo – Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

When the Miss Universe Style Illuminate by CHI line was introduced recently, I’ll admit I passed it by at first. While I love CHI products, the flashy pink packaging didn’t scream serious haircare to me. Eventually, the glimmering bottles got my attention and after another hairstylist friend recommended the dry shampoo, I thought I should probably give it a try.

Do not underestimate the power of pink packaging, ladies. Restage Dry Shampoo is a serious hair product and it will change your mind about dry shampoo.

About Miss Universe Style Illuminate Dry Shampoo by CHI

Miss Universe Style Illuminate Restage Dry Shampoo is a water-free spray that cleanses and refreshes hair by absorbing excess oil and eliminating odor. It blends in flawlessly with all hair types, providing added lift and texture to hair.

Directions for use: shake well before use. Hold can 6-8″ away from the head, spray onto dry roots. Allow to dry, then rub gently into the scalp. Brush out and style as usual.

My Experience with Miss Universe Style Illuminate Dry Shampoo by CHI

If you’ve resigned all thoughts of ever liking a dry shampoo because it feels tacky or grimy, do not give up, go pick up a bottle of this magic potion.

This dry shampoo is different.

When using Miss Universe Style Illuminate Restage Dry Shampoo, the first thing you’ll notice is that it sprays on damp. I almost thought I had used the product incorrectly. After allowing the product to dry (per the instructions) it starts to feel more like a dry shampoo.

Gently rub the product through your scalp to distribute the product through your scalp and then brush. This is when things get different. It’s almost like the “dry shampoo” feeling disappears and brushes away. I used it a couple of days in a row to test my theory and even after using it on the second day, it disappeared. What’s left behind is really nice, soft, moveable, and clean feeling hair. There is an extremely light dry shampoo feel, but compared to every other dry shampoo that I’ve ever tried, this feeling is minimal.

Miss Universe Style Illuminate Restage Dry Shampoo is excellent for added volume, even on clean hair. It provides an excellent, yet not too tacky, the base for backcombing and styling. It doesn’t dry your hair out or cause static. It also won’t lighten or discolor dark hair or add a powdery finish. I haven’t even mentioned one of the best parts; the smell, while light and subtle, is perfectly “pretty”. Slightly floral and slightly fruity, the

Inside this bright shiny pink package is truly a work of art in the dry shampoo world. Give this one a try. I think I’m replacing my previous favorite dry shampoo with this one.

The Benefits of Dry Shampoo

The benefits to your hair and scalp by using a dry shampoo are quite extensive:

  • Shampooing less with traditional shampoo is healthier for your scalp. Because you’re not using a detergent on your hair daily, you’ll experience less drying, and it allows your natural oils to balance. A healthier scalp translates to healthier hair.
  • Shampooing less saves you a lot of time in the bathroom. You save a few steps in the shower (no shampooing or conditioning necessary), no hair drying time with the blow dryer, and a lot less time is needed to achieve volume in your hairstyle.
  • Shampooing less saves money! You’ll use less water in the shower, less electricity to style your hair, and your traditional shampoo and conditioner last a lot longer.
  • Shampooing less helps preserve your hair color. If you fight hair color fade, dry shampoo can really help you win that battle. Traditional shampoo can literally wash the color right out of your hair.

Where to Miss Universe Style Illuminate Dry Shampoo by CHI

Miss Universe Style Illuminate Restage Dry Shampoo is available in professional salons. You can locate a CHI/Farouk Salon by using the salon locator on CHI’s Website.

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