Happy National Braid Day! What, you didn’t know it was a holiday? It is, and it’s the perfect one to get creative with your hairstyle. In the summer, we can sometimes fall into the habit of wearing the same side braid hairstyle over and over. As gorgeous as side braids are, it’s nice to switch things up and try other hairstyles. There are lots of other braids that are just as stunning and simple to do.

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Here are 13 unique braided hairstyles to switch up your look:

1. Undone Braids

Like a braid…but not.

2. Braided Back

Such a simple idea, but very cool impact. You might need someone to help you plait the back, but it will be worth it.

3. Braided Ponytail With Scarf

Put your braid down the center of your head, then merge it with the loose ends to form a ponytail. Don’t forget the scarf.

4. Braided Bun

Look at the volume on that updo.

5. Double Braid

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Two braids are better than one.

6. Braided Flowers

Major wedding hair inspiration.

7. Thick And Thin Braids

The juxtaposition of sizes and the placement of the cornrows is striking.

8. Pull-Through Braid, Dutch Braid, and Flower Braid

Bookmark this now, so it’s saved when you get your next wedding invitation.

9. Braided Ponytail

This is the best mash-up of different textures.

10. Half Updo With Two Braids

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The braided tail combined with the halo braid is a pretty combination.

11. High Braided Bun

It’s the shape and placement of this bun that makes it.

12. Crisscross Braids

Remember this for your next festival. The crisscross string between the braids is a detail that could work for every day.

13.Braids To Double Buns

These are different than space buns.

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