If you have an old, worn-out, dreadfully loud, heavier than a brick, $9.99 hair dryer that you purchased at Wal-Mart seven years ago (oh yes, I’m talking to you), then we need to chat. If you notice that your hairstylist can make your hair flow and shine like a supermodel, yet when you style your hair the next day it’s a train wreck, you may need to read on. If you’re simply in the market to replace your hair-dryer and you want to purchase a great dryer, that will do justice to your locks without breaking the bank, this article is for you!

1. FHI Heat Hair Dryers

If you’re looking to reduce your hair drying time significantly and improve the health of your hair, the FHI Heat Hair Dryer will knock your socks off. The far-infrared heat seals in moisture, and the patented NanoFuzeion Technology is proven to improve the health, feel, and even the cleanliness of your hair! These powerful hairdryers pack a punch, but remain light-weight and quiet so you won’t miss a phone call while drying your hair! While you’ll spend $100.00 to $200.00 on your FHI Hair Dryer, the time you save drying your hair and the improved condition of your hair will make your investment worth every penny.

2. CHI Hair Dryers

CHI 2100 Rocket Professional Hair Dryer
CHI 2100 Rocket Professional Hair Dryer. Photo © Amazon

CHI is quickly taking over the hair tools industry with state-of-the-art technology and products that deliver! Ranging from $75.00 to around $150.00, the line of CHI Hair Dryers is my personal choice in the salon. FAR Infrared technology (utilized in CHI hair dryers) dries the hair from inside out due to its ionic charge.

Another feature of the best hair dryer is negative ions; which created uniquely diffuse water molecules into micro-fine particles enhancing moisture balance and shine, reducing frizz, and eliminating static electricity. I love my CHI hairdryer and secretly (okay, not so secretly) lust for the CHI Nano Dryer for use in the salon! Oh! And this travel set is absolutely a to-die-for steal!

3. T3 Bespoke Labs Featherweight Hair Dryer

T3 Bespoke Labs Featherweight Hair Dryer
T3 Bespoke Featherweight Hair Dryer. Photo © Amazon.com

T3’s Flawless™ tourmaline technology gives this ultra-lightweight hair dryer its power and pristine hair drying. The negative ions produced by the tourmaline heat can dry your hair up to 70% faster than a standard hot hair-blowing hairdryer and have a reputation for delivering frizz-free shine. You’ll pay up to $200 for this hairdryer, but, in my opinion, you’ll get what you pay for (and the four-year warranty stands behind that promise)!

Check it out in the travel size, too!

4. TIGI Bed Head Hair Dryer

TIGI Bed Head Hair Dryer
TIGI Bed Head 1875W Pulsating Dryer. Photo © Amazon

TIGI Bed Head hair dryers are packed with technology at a price that won’t break your wallet. Priced at just $30.00 to under $80.00, you’re practically stealing a great hairdryer that will last and live up to its promises. My favorite TIGI dryer is the 1875W Pulsating Dryer that lets you control volume with the touch of a button! The tourmaline heat element packs your hair full of shine-producing, frizz-eliminating, speed drying ions. The 1875W Active Ion model lets you control the heat and ions with super cool fiber-optic lights!

5. Hot Tools Hair Dryers

Hot Tools Hair Dryers
Hot Tools Hair Dryer

Hot Tools brand of hair dryers has been the choice of professionals and consumers alike for years. With a wide range of dryers and accessories, you are sure to find the right hair dryer for your hair needs, and one that will fit in your budget. Hot Tools dryers range in price from under $20.00 to $90.00 and feature negative ion technology that will leave your hair soft, shiny, and full of volume!

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