Bob haircuts are classic. Sure the styles change a little each decade, but the bob is a classy and chic cut that can be styled to be romantic, edgy, sleek, or trendy.

The bob is a good option for just about anyone’s face shape. The cut will draw attention to your jawline, chin, and neck, so if you’re self-conscious about those areas, a bob may not be for you. Thin, oval faces look best with short bobs that create a round shape to the head. Round, wider faces should opt for longer, sleek bobs. If your hair is thin, a bob that is stacked in the back is perfect for increased body and volume.

These are my favorite bobs.

Chelsea Kane’s Super Chic Bob

This bob, on Chelsea Kane, is topping my list lately of fantastic and perfectly styled bob haircuts. It’s slightly angled to be shorter in the back (but just a little) than the front. What makes this bob trendy and classic all at the same time is the beautifully blended color and the ultra-chic fringe, swept to the side. This cut will define the jawline and bring attention to your eyes. It’s great for hair of just about any thickness and is easily styled with a round brush and flat iron.

Scarlet Johansonn’s Textured Bob

Scarlet Johanson can pull off any look (well, almost), but she proves she has a bit of an edge to her style with this textured bob. Stacked and shorter in the back, this bob has long wispy ends in the front that deliver movement and texture. The shape is definitely in the cut and this look is easily styled using your hair’s natural texture. Fine hair can get some real movement with this super look.

Victoria Beckham’s Posh Asymmetrical Bob

Victoria Beckham’s asymmetrical bob takes the angled bob to a whole new level. It’s stacked up very short in the back, and longer on one side than the other. Her long side-swept fringe compliments the cut perfectly. Sure, this “Posh Bob” hasn’t been on Victoria’s head for a few years, but it is, nonetheless, trendy, chic, and edgy all at the same time. It seems that no matter what style Mrs. Beckham chooses, it turns to gold.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sleek Bob

Gwyneth Paltrow made us all oooooh and aaaaahhh when she revealed this sleek, polished bob haircut. The key to this cut is simplicity. The lack of bells and whistles makes this cut interesting. This cut can vary in its level of “trendy” by going shorter in the back and keeping the length long in the front. A severe angle would be absolutely brilliant for and easy to style shape.

Katie Holmes’ Simply Stylish Bob

Katie Holmes has made headlines with her hair on multiple occasions, but we never applauded more than when she stepped out with this stylish, simple bob with a great wide bang. This haircut isn’t new, and it wasn’t when Katie wore it, but Katie brought back the simplicity of a great, classic haircut, with beautiful lines. Everything about this look is simple, but the statement it creates is anything but.

Super Stacked Angled Bob

This kind of bob goes by many names: a-line, angled, diagonal forward, or graduated. The idea is that the bob is shorter in the back and longer in the front. If you donate your hair for Locks of Love, this is a natural option because after your ponytail is cut, this is more-or-less the shape that remains. This example of a stacked bob is about as severe as it gets (you could always opt for less of an angle) but is a perfect example of how the shape is created with the shorter stacked layers in the back.

Christina Aguilera’s Curly Bob

Yes, bobs can be worn curly. Although, if we all looked like Christina Aguilera, I guess we could do whatever we wanted with our hair. If you have a curly bob, layering is going to be important for the look or you will end up with a triangle shape that won’t do any face shape any favors.

Eva Longoria’s Classic Bob

This bob on Eva Longoria is about as classic as they come and can be worn a little shorter or longer depending on your preference. For the most part, the hair is cut to nearly the same length, cut at or below the chin. Some very long shaping layers create the scoop under. A good flat iron or blowout is a must for this style to achieve that perfectly straight, shiny, look that you see here.

Keira Knightley’s Tosseled Bob

Not every bob needs to be sleek or smooth, you can show off your beachy waved texture with a bob like this on Keira Knightley. Keira’s wave is unkempt, messy, and exudes attitude and personality. Consider adding a few textured layers to create more volume.


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