I’ve discussed the love of my Birchbox samples before. Although I wish they’d send more hair products samples (hint, hint, Birchbox), I’ve discovered some of my most favorite beauty products by way of this amazing service. A while back a sample of shampoo and conditioner showed up from the Beauty Protector brand and I tucked it away for my next weekend adventure away from home.

Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner
Product Review: Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner.

If you’re looking for a shampoo and conditioner full of awesome like being vegan, but free of parabens and sulfates this one is an excellent duo to try. Oh yeah, it also helps revive moisture, increase body and volume, adds shine, seals the cuticle, smooths frizz, protects from UV rays, and protects your color. So, basically, I can’t think of much else you’d want in a shampoo and conditioner.

Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo and Protect & Condition

About the shampoo from the Birchbox Website: “Protect & Shampoo from Beauty protector is powered by pearl powder, which is prosperous in conchiolin, an ingredient that functions like the hair protein keratin. This fortifying ingredient teams up with other nutrients that guard against and heal the effects of heat styling (think frizz and destroyed ends). The result is glossy, bouncy strands that, yes, also smell amazing. In addition to honey pearl powder, Protect & Shampoo is packed with rich vitamins and a gentle mix of sulfate-free cleansing agents. This powerhouse lineup cleanses and nourishes your strands.”

About the conditioner from the Birchbox Website: “Protect & Condition from Beauty Protector is meant to protect your hair from the outcomes of heat styling and environmental harm with the help of pearl powder. The conditioner is also packed with nutrients that up hair’s volume and shine. In addition to honey pearl powder, Protect & Condition is formulated with natural ingredients like shea butter and apple, lemon, and orange extracts.

Together, they hydrate and nourish hair with vitamins and minerals.”

My Experience with the Shampoo and Conditioner


The first thing to get your attention about this shampoo is that it’s a thick and rich formula. A little goes a long way and even though it’s sulfate-free, the lather quickly and effectively gets the job done. The product lathers thickly, with a luxurious smell, and leaves your hair sufficiently clean without feeling dried out or tangled.


The conditioner is rather amazing. As soon as it connects with your hair, you can feel your hair instantly soften and detangle. It rinses so incredibly cleat that it leaves your hair free of tangles, but won’t weigh your hair down. It actually increases body and volume beautifully. It’s great on fine hair as well as thick hair, however, if your hair is on the thin/fine side, I’d recommend keeping the product off your scalp and be sure to rinse thoroughly. The conditioner will leave your hair feeling very soft and easy to comb, but without feeling weighed down or greasy. For heavily damaged hair, try this conditioner as a conditioning mask, leaving it on the hair for thirty minutes before rinsing for a deep conditioning effect.

Would I Recommend Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo and Protect & Condition?

I absolutely recommend Beauty Protector’s shampoo and conditioner for all hair types. If vegan options are important to you, these products are a must-try. Even if you’re not concerned about vegan options, these products are impressive and the smell transports you to a spa with every use. You truly get all the benefits of top-quality salon shampoo and conditioners without animal products, parabens, or sulfates interfering with your lifestyle. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when my samples ran out, although because the products are so concentrated, my tiny sample bottles went a very long way.

You can purchase Beauty Protector products through the Birchbox website.

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