Sometimes, when you notice your hair isn’t looking as fabulous as it should, it’s because your hair care routine just isn’t working for you anymore. And as much as we wish we could just talk to our locks to find out what they need, hair doesn’t seem to speak our language. But that doesn’t mean your hair isn’t letting you know it needs help and changes are in order. Here are seven ways your mane lets you know that your current routine isn’t working anymore, along with some solutions to help you take a step in the right direction. 

Your Hair Is Dull

Thriving hair shines and bounces. If you’ve lost shine, body, and bounce to the foils of dull dangling hair, it’s a sign something in your regimen isn’t working. So, your hair could be dulling for many reasons, from not receiving enough moisture to harsh chemicals in your products and so much more. The bottom line is you need to reassess your routine and products to get your shiny, healthy-looking locks back.  

How to Revive Your Dull Locks

First, you should consider whether your hair is getting the hydration it needs. Many factors affect hydration, from the products themselves to living in a dry climate. But luckily, there are a couple of different things you can try to get your hair shining as it should. First, you can try a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner. You can also add other products like volumizing spray and argan oil to help give your hair that body and shine you love. 

You Have Tangles

Tangles are a natural part of life, and some tangles now and then are to be expected. But if you find yourself dealing with unrelenting knots daily with no relief in sight, that is another sign that your hair isn’t getting what it needs to flourish. While you can expect some tangles, especially if you have naturally curly hair, excessive dry tangles could be a sign your hair isn’t getting enough moisture or nutrients.  

How to Beat Tangles

One of the best things you can try is washing your locks more often with a nutrient-rich conditioner. Remember to keep the temperature down when you wash your hair, as hot water only adds to the drying effect. A leave-in conditioner and hair detangler (the best products combine the two) are excellent options for cutting back on tangles and giving your mane an added dose of hydration.  

Your Hair Is Flat and Lifeless

Flat hair is most common amongst those of us with fine hair types. It happens when impurities and sebum weigh down your already lightweight hair. But unfortunately, there is usually more than one thing contributing to flatness. However, unsuitable products are certainly one of the most predominant causes.

How to Pump Up Your Look

The great news is there are a ton of nourishing hair products that can help pump up flat locks. First, consider picking up a high-end volumizing spray. You can use this for all-over weightless volume or spray at your roots for a more targeted lift. Another heatless styling product to consider is texturizing spray hair products. They can help add dimension and volume to your look, and who doesn’t love that?

Your Hair Is Flat and Lifeless

You’re Noticing Breakage 

One of the biggest culprits of hair breakage is over-styling with heat tools. Heated styling tools are fantastic for creating the look you want, but it might be time to turn down the heat if you notice a ton of damage. But that isn’t the only cause. It can also be from aggressive brushing and even a rough pillowcase.  

How to Repair and Prevent Damage

Be gentle with your hair! Brush and style your locks with care and try to remember that your hair is not invincible. Try to limit the number of days you heat style your hair and always use products with UV and thermal protection. Make sure all of your styling products, from hair detangler to volumizing spray and finishing spray, have a thermal protectant in the formula. 

Your Hair Gets Greasy Quickly

Nothing is worse than washing your hair regularly only for it to look greasy within a day. Greasy hair is typically caused by sebum buildup (a naturally occurring oil produced by glands near your hair follicles). The tricky part is that your hair care routine or a hormonal imbalance could cause this. If your routine causes it, we have some options for you. 

How to De-Grease Your Locks

The most common cause of greasy locks is simply over-washing your hair. When you wash your hair, you often strip your scalp of natural oils, and your scalp makes up for it by overproducing oil. Start by getting a protein-based shampoo and conditioner and try to space out the washing. You can still get your locks wet but try to keep washing to a minimum. Over time your natural hair oils should balance themselves out.  

You Have Yellow or Brassy Tones in Your Blonde Hair

It’s no secret that blondes have a bit more maintenance than other hair colors. But it’s time to switch things up if you notice excessive yellowness or brassy tones in your blonde locks. Yellowness can be caused by a whole slew of environmental factors, from pollution to hard water. Luckily, you can keep some secret weapons right at home to help keep your blonde hair at its brightest and healthiest. 

How to Tone Your Hair at Home

Toning purple shampoo is one of the easiest ways to tone out brassiness between your salon visits. The best purple shampoos only take 60 seconds to tone out brassiness and are fortified with proteins to help keep your hair strong. The best way to maintain your brightest blonde hair is to pair it with daily non-toning daily purple shampoo and purple conditioner.   

You Have Trouble Retaining Moisture and Strength

Let’s say you’ve tried moisture-rich shampoos and still can’t seem to get your hair to retain moisture. Whether it’s extreme weather conditions, nonporous hair, or you’re trying to repair the damage, there are plenty of reasons your hair might not be receptive to your hydrating products.  

How to Build Stronger Strands

Try to get a shampoo that focuses on your specific hair type, whether curly, flat, blonde, or otherwise. Shampoos are formulated differently and adhere to the unique needs of each hair type. Avoid extreme weather conditions without a hat and try natural de-frizzing products like argan oil. The name of the game is slow and steady in this case. If you still need help after trying out these options, consult your hairstylist.

You Have Trouble Retaining Moisture and Strength

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