Types of Treatments in Laser Express Brisbane

Suppose you are looking to improve your look, but expensive surgery exceeds your budget. Also, cosmetic surgery is not the most pleasant experience. It usually requires recovery and following specific guidelines after the procedure. If that seems like a lot of trouble, you should consider laser cosmetic treatments.

Using the laser in cosmetic surgery is a safe, painless, and effective method to enhance the look of your body and face. These treatments will help you regain confidence. The benefits that come with a youthful appearance will make you feel good about yourself.

If you choose to go this route, then you should explore all options. The basis of every procedure is light rays directed to the targeted spot. For more information on how these beams work, read this article. They boost collagen production and cell regeneration. Different types of lasers have been used for various purposes. Each has its benefits and limitations.

For example, if you have dark skin, you will see the best results with a high-energy device. A pale complexion requires lower energy beams. A dermatologist should determine what’s best for you before suggesting any cosmetic treatment.

Ablative Laser Procedures

Ablative laser treatment is one way to improve the look and feel of your skin. Antiaging and regeneration procedures use this tool. It works by placing high-energy beams over the target area. That causes the laser to vaporize the top layer of the epidermis. Then, these rays reach damaged cells and unwanted body hair and remove them.

This cosmetic treatment can be helpful in treating scars and reducing fine wrinkles. Earlier procedures have resulted in a long recovery after treatment. The risks of skin damage were high because beams removed entire surface layers of the epidermis.

Nowadays, cosmetic practitioners use fractionated CO2 lasers. It’s a new technology that enables minimal invasiveness. These devices tighten and rejuvenate the skin and treat all types of scars. Besides ease of use, these lasers provide patients with painless treatment and recovery. During the procedure, fractionated beams leave areas of untreated epidermis between microscopic lesions. That speeds up the healing and regeneration of this layer.

Non-Ablative Treatments

Non-ablative lasers leave the surface intact, so the skin usually recovers quickly. Because they act below the surface, these tools are useful for discoloration problems like sunburns, age spots, and superficial changes on the skin.

Due to the positive effect on natural pigments, non-ablative technology can remove tattoos and scars. These devices are also very effective in ‘killing’ follicles. Experts from Laser Express recommend these devices for hair removal.

Many people with acne had laser treatments performed on their skin to remove the scars. They may appear anywhere from the face, neck, or back. These spots usually develop in the area where sebum makes its way through the pores and clogs them up. With some lasers, the damaged areas can heal much faster than others.

These devices using high-energy beams provide a safe and efficient way to enhance skin condition. They work by applying rays to target the melanin located in the deepest layers of the skin. When the light hits the melanin, it causes the pigment to absorb it and brighten the targeted spot.

IPL Treatment

IPL Treatment

IPL (intense pulse light) is a newer technology used for skin rejuvenation and hair removal. Beams of different wavelengths and impulse power solve aesthetic problems without damaging the epidermis. This method differs from ordinary lasers, which emit rays of the same wavelength all the time.

This procedure is minimally painful and lasts for a short time. IPL devices have a wider pulse duration range. They are a better solution for larger surfaces. Shorter pulses are useful in treating minor skin problems.

For better results, especially if you are doing permanent hair removal, you’ll have to repeat several treatments. Since the IPL method is cheaper than the classic laser procedure, it’s not a big hit on your budget, and they are equally effective.

If you’re interested in hair removal with this method, check the following page:


The doctor should explain the benefits and downsides of every treatment. Skin issues in larger areas might need several interventions. Also, lasers can’t remove every single scar or solve every skin issue. That’s why you have to be clear with your expectation before you undergo any cosmetic treatment.

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