Tips To Rock Your Natural Hair

International Women’s Day is coming up, and if anything, that means embracing yourself and empowering yourself. Feeling confident in your own skin is a long, difficult journey that many of us have to face, accepting your identity can be seen as a nearly impossible challenge, but accepting your natural hair is part of the journey. According to a survey by All Things Hair, 72.8% of people asked believed that their hair is a strong part of their identity.

So how can you work on that self-confidence? How can you believe in yourself and feel like you can take on the world? Here are some of our top tips for rocking your natural hair, and owning your life…

1 – Self Care

5 Tips To Rock Your Natural Hair

Like your body and soul, your hair needs some serious TLC. According to several studies, women feel more confident within themselves when their hair is in its best condition. We know bad hair days can really impact your outlook on the day, so beat your hair to it by really looking after it. Even on a rough day, your hair will be glossy and luscious and will help you feel invincible.

When we see Chloe x Halle looking stunning in photoshoots and rocking their natural locks, it makes us realize that natural hair is just stunning, and not something to be covering up! The key is to maintain your hair’s condition with some hydrating products. We recommend a nourishing conditioner to treat your mane and make it feel a little more loved. Natural hair can be prone to breakage and damage, so a conditioner containing natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, will really help repair and soothe. This is the perfect treatment for co-washing when you skip the shampoo and just work on your hair with a conditioner.

2 – Experiment

Tips To Rock Your Natural Hair: Experiment

Your hair needs experimenting with just as your wardrobe does. Experimenting with your style doesn’t mean splashing the cash at your favorite store – it can also mean sitting in front of the mirror and perfecting those styling skills! A little makeover never hurt anybody! Plus, when you’ve found your new go-to looks, you’ll feel confident and excited to showcase them to everyone. People will soon be asking what your secret is!

Be rebellious with a Mohawk hairstyle with loose curled strands falling around your face – it will highlight your bone structure and add an edge to your look, even the girliest of outfits! Or space buns for the 90s’ feel – you can try out a half-up half-down vibe for a modern take on the Spice Girls’-inspired look. Or, opt for timeless braids that will never let you down! All these hairstyles are protective too, putting an end to the long-dreaded damage and fear or frizz!

3 – Follow the right people

Follow the right people

If you’re not feeling empowered, why? Let’s face it, we spend most of our time on social media, so why not use our time productively? If your feed is full of people you don’t aspire or relate to, it’s time to hit that unfollow button. Life’s too short to compare your life to someone else’s and feel miserable or nostalgic. Follow accounts that really make you inspired, and influenced to do more with your life. People who are making waves and making changes within industries for the right causes. Quotes accounts that really make you think, poetry that makes you want to love yourself, and your identity. Influencers that make you want to have a good relationship with yourself, and your hair. You don’t deserve anything less!

4 – Treat yourself to the right tools

Treat yourself to the right tools

How can you have amazing hair that gives you a confidence boost if you don’t have the right tools? Equip yourself with the right products that will give your natural hair that oomph you long for. We’re not just talking deep conditioners, but hair oils to avoid coarseness, ending your washes with a therapeutic hair mask, and even just investing in a decent brush, adapted to your hair’s needs. We all know that a tough brush will just break your hair even more! Got thick hair? A flat paddle brush will be your ally! Fine hair – a bristle brush.

Also, though we love a blow-dry now and again, that doesn’t mean it should be your go-to every day. Blow drys are extremely damaging to your hair, but even more so when it’s more prone to damage and breakage. Drop the heat-styling tools, towel dry your hair and let it breathe. It will be less prone to frizz, and will really shine! If you just have to have straighter hair, remember to use a heat protectant to add a protective coat to your hair before applying your hairdryer or your straighteners.

5 – Swotting up

Of course, as a natural-haired girl, you’ll need to swot up on your hair type to find out which products are most suited to your hair type. Let’s get back to basics!

Type 2 – Wavy: Type 2 contains three different types of wavy because obviously, no one’s hair is exactly the same! A represents slight waves, B represents soft waves and C represents more defined waves.

Type 3 – Curly: Depending on your curl type, you will need to adapt your hair care regime accordingly. Type A is classic curls, Type B is spiral curls and Type C is corkscrew curls.

Type 4 – Kinky: The best of both worlds! Type A will be a slightly coiled style, Type B is a kinked hairstyle, while Type C will be super kinky.

Knowing your Type 2s from your Type 4s will allow you to navigate easily around the crazy world of hair care and allow you to give your hair the diet it needs. Just note that your hair can never be too hydrated, especially when it comes to natural hair. Don’t be afraid to nourish it, and even more so when you have an on-point hair care routine in place! If your hair doesn’t feel cleansed after a wash, we recommend you split it into several sections and cleanse each section to battle build-up.

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