No matter what you want to do with your hair, you may need to find the right product to pull it off. Whether you’re looking for lift, hold, or that extra-special shine, you need to navigate all the available options out there.

Understanding the main differences between men’s hair styling products may seem tricky, but there are a few simple things to remember. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can make an informed and confident purchase.

Hair Gels: Stiff and Sleek

Hair gel is probably the most common hair care product out there and can provide a strong hold with a glossy finish that keeps your hair looking shiny and well maintained. Many gels utilize alcohol as an active ingredient, but that often leads to dryness or flaking if you’re out in the sun.

Fortunately, there are options for alcohol-free gels that can help you get the same stiff hold and glossy finish without the negative side effects.

Pomades: Firm, Natural Hold

Pomades are oil- or water-based products that help provide a nice hold but without stiffness or shine. Many people like pomades because they work better for thick or curly hair.

There are many good reasons to consider using a pomade, with one of the most popular being how versatile it is. Pomades work well with nearly any hair type and can help provide a more natural look. For maximum flexibility, we recommend applying your pomade to slightly dampened hair.

Hair Wax: Perfect Gloss

When looking at the main differences between men’s hair styling products, a lot of them may sound the same. Hair wax can offer a lot of the same stiffness and hold as a gel, but it doesn’t come with the shininess, which makes it look more natural.

Hair wax is a good option for those looking for a matte finish, which works well for short- to medium-length textured hair. When applying hair wax, it’s always a good idea to start with a small amount and work up so that you don’t apply too much.

Hair Spray: Quick and Easy

Hair sprays are ideal for those who want a natural, flexible finish. They help maintain your style without making it look overly stiff. Medium- to strong-hold sprays, on the other hand, are perfect for keeping more elaborate styles in place.

Hair sprays can also add volume and prevent frizz, making them a versatile addition to your grooming routine. Simply spray evenly over your finished style from a distance to set your hair without weighing it down.

Understanding men’s hair styling products can greatly improve your grooming routine. Experiment with these options to find what works best for you, and enjoy the confidence that comes with perfectly styled hair.

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