It happens. You may have made a tattoo mistake, or perhaps your artist wasn’t up to par. Maybe your tattoo design was thoughtless, the application poor, or the placement just a bad idea.

What can you do when you are left with the world’s worst tattoo? Don’t worry, you have a few options. While none of the following ideas are inexpensive, they are all worthy of consideration.

Laugh it Off

It’s not ideal, in fact, it downright sucks, but finding humor in a bad tattoo might be your only option if it can’t be fixed due to limited options or funds. Should that be the case, you may just need to accept it.

Cover it Up

If possible, seek out the advice of a specialized tattoo cover-up artist. Many tattooists make their names in their ability to remaster old and poor designs.
After fixing the Internet-made-famous tattoo design that went viral, Scott Versago has achieved international recognition for redesigning a bad portrait tattoo at Empire Ink in Akron, Ohio.

Now Scott can add a portrait redesign specialist to his work, as well as good Samaritan. After hearing the story of a man who lost his wife in a house fire, and then went on to honor her, only with what turned into a terrible black and grey portrait design, Scott donated his time, skill and creativity and did the tattoo redesign for free.

To book an appointment with Scott Versago of Empire Ink, contact the studio here or visit them on Facebook:

Empire Ink


335 East Cuyahoga Falls Ave, Akron, OH.

For other specialty artists who focus on a redesign, check the portfolios of artists in your area by visiting local tattoo shops. Once you find a promising artist, you can save money until you can afford the tattoo cover-up. Don’t expect anyone to take pity on your bad tattoo, artists will expect payment for the services rendered.

Tattoo Removal

Last, and the most expensive option for fixing the world’s worst tattoo, is to opt for laser or other tattoo removal services. While intense Pulse Light Technology, also known as IPL, is targeted as an option for tattoo removal, specialists advise against it, and it’s quite costly when compared to the more painful yet effective laser tattoo removal method.

Besides cost prohibiting many people from seeking laser tattoo removal, the procedure is also deemed very painful, more than getting a tattoo.

Portrait Tattoo Warnings

No matter the tattoo, always make sure spelling of names and words are correct, and that the symbols you choose represent what you actually intend. In addition, be very careful with portrait tattoo work. Spend time looking at artist portfolios and pay attention to fine details. An artist who specializes in realism tattoos should be your first stop if you want a realistic portrait tattoo. Since most portraits are of a sensitive nature, this step is crucial in ensuring you like your tattoo and that it bears a significant resemblance.

Benefits of Fixing the World’s Worst Tattoo

Fix Worlds Worst Tattoo
Bird tattoo Before and after.

Fixing the world’s worst tattoo will have many benefits, first being an instant boost in your self-esteem. Once you’ve removed an embarrassing tattoo design, you can begin to dress in ways that no longer aims to cover up your body and mistake. You’ll also feel more confident if you have a design you can be proud of. Before you cover-up or modify a bad design, make sure your new tattoo bears some worthy significance and you’ll be even happier with the end result, even if it is the second time around. After all, the experience can always make you wiser.


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  1. I found it interesting how you mentioned how it is possible to cover up a bad tattoo to make it look good instead. My wife has grown tired of her old dragon tattoo and she wants to remove it to make way for a flower tattoo. However, she is scared of the cost and pain involved in doing so. I will keep this in mind as we search for a tattoo cover up service who can turn her dragon tattoo into a beautiful garden!

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