Tattoos are growing rapidly in the tattoo world, which requires deep creativity and a strong imagination. To get a tattoo inked on the place where you feel most comfortable is important to know, and the design you choose should reflect the true aspect of your personality. It’s true that tattoos can be removed, but don’t forget that the procedure to remove a tattoo requires patience and time, and it’s also quite costly.

Before getting a particular tattoo inked, ensure that you are getting it engraved in a safe place, and watch out that the tattoo artist uses sterilized equipment for your own safety. Getting a tattoo is something that will permanently stay on your skin, so think and act smartly while choosing the best places to get a tattoo on your body. Women always look for tattoo designs that are more feminine and appealing as compared to men.

Have you heard of Mandala Tattoos? This tattoo design mainly comprise of a circle which originated in India. Here are some of them!

Expert Tips for Choosing Where to Place Your New Tattoo

This time, if you have seriously decided to get a tattoo inked on your body, then consider the following places, which may seem attractive to you:

Upper Back

Upper Back Tattoo Ideas for Women

Girls usually prefer to have tattoos on their upper backs because they are among the most attractive places, and a huge amount of space is available to get a tattoo inked. Upper back tattoos are less painful as compared to areas such as the spine and armpit. The popular design on the upper back includes a single quote, butterfly, feather, and flower design.

An upper back tattoo can make a bold and eye-catching statement. But before taking the plunge, it’s smart to weigh the potential pros and cons of getting inked in this area. Let’s break it down!


  • Huge canvas for large, detailed designs. You have tons of space to get creative!
  • Easily hidden under clothing for work/formal occasions. Keep it classy and discreet.
  • Less nerve endings than other areas, so less pain during tattooing.
  • Tight, smooth skin shows off crisp, clean lines and shading.
  • Easy for you to view the artwork and monitor healing.


  • Finding an artist skilled at tattooing curved surfaces can be hard.
  • Healing and irritation from rubbing on clothes and bumps. Not fun.
  • Gaining/losing weight may distort it over time. Bodies change.
  • Reaching to clean and moisturize yourself is challenging.
  • Prone to faster fading from sun exposure and friction.
  • More painful for future removal or touch ups. Serious ouch.
  • Needs large designs to stand out on the big upper back space.

If you work with an experienced tattoo artist and care for it properly during healing, an upper back tattoo can be eye-catching and stunning. Just be prepared for the maintenance required for this tricky spot!

Inner Arm

Best Inner Arm Tattoos ideas

The girls with cool and pretty looks should consider placing tattoos on their inner arms. People usually find this location quite eye-catching and attention-grabbing. The tattoo on the inner arm is less painful.

Inner arm tattoos are super trendy right now. And it’s easy to see why – they’re unique, eye-catching, and less painful to get inked. But before jumping on the inner arm tattoo train, it’s smart to consider the potential pros and cons.


  • Unique spot that grabs attention. Inner arm tattoos stand out!
  • You can show it off or cover it easily with sleeves. Best of both worlds.
  • Less sensitive with fewer nerve endings than other areas. AKA: less ouch!
  • Small & simple designs tend to work best. Keep costs lower.
  • Easy access for you to clean, moisturize, and monitor healing.
  • Does not stretch or distort with weight fluctuations. Pretty stable.


  • High friction area can complicate healing. Clothing rubs!
  • Very visible spot. May limit professional job options.
  • Requires careful application to avoid veins/joints. Tricky spot!
  • Fading can be an issue over time. Touch ups may be needed.
  • Can be painful to remove if desired later. Inner arm skin is thin.

Inner arm tattoos allow you to make a unique statement and show off your ink. If you choose a small, simple design and care for it properly, it can be a cool spot! Just weigh the visibility and potential fading before getting started.


Small Wrist Tattoo Ideas That Are Subtle and Chic

Compared to many other parts of the body, the wrist is among the best places to get a tattoo on your body. It’s a pretty delicate part of the body, and you can only see the tattoo on the inner wrist when you turn your hand or arm. Whether big or small, the tattoo design can easily be hidden while going to work or attending official meetings.

Wrist tattoos are a popular choice for their visibility and ability to be hidden when needed. But before taking the plunge on wrist ink, it’s smart to weigh the potential pros and cons. Let’s break it down!


  • Can get creative with big or small designs that stand out.
  • Easily concealed under watch or bracelets when desired.
  • Pain is tolerable during tattooing. Not the most sensitive spot.
  • Healing is usually quick and uncomplicated.
  • Thin skin shows off details and colors beautifully.


  • Highly visible area, may limit job options in visible fields.
  • Fading can be an issue over time, needs more touch ups.
  • Veins and bone close to surface pose challenges.
  • Movement can distort tattoo over time if not done properly.
  • Permanent bracelets or watches can cause irritation.

Wrist tattoos allow you to subtly show off your ink or cover it easily. Go for a skilled artist and aftercare regimen to get the most out of your wrist art. Just weigh how visible you want your tattoo to be!

Wrist tats are super visible and eye-catching. But are they really the best spot for your new work of art? This guide weighs the pros and cons to help you decide.


Shoulder Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink

If you are getting tattoos inked for the first time, then it’s the best place to choose. If you are aiming to get a big flower, bird’s wing, or cute butterfly design tattooed on your body, then this is not the correct option to go with.

Shoulder tattoos are a popular spot, especially for first-timers. But before committing to shoulder ink, it’s important to weigh the potential pros and cons first.


  • Good starter spot for first-timers. Easier to conceal at first.
  • Shoulders take ink well and provide ample room for design.
  • Thicker skin means less pain during tattooing.
  • Healing tends to be quicker with less irritation.
  • Easily covered up with sleeves if needed.


  • Muscles and skin may distort the art over time.
  • Color saturation and details can blur years later.
  • Difficult to see your own shoulder tattoo regularly.
  • Sleeping on side may irritate a new shoulder tattoo.
  • Larger pieces require spreading over shoulder/arm.

Shoulder tattoos are great starter spots with ample room for art. Just know the skin may distort details over time. If choosing a larger piece, be prepared to extend it onto arms or back. Weigh visibility needs before getting shoulder ink!

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Hand Tattoo Ideas for Every Personality Type

It’s necessary to think twice before getting a hand tattoo because they are difficult to hide. Hand tattoos are very evident and eye-catching.

Hand tattoos are incredibly visible and eye-catching. But before getting inked on your hands, it’s crucial to consider the unique pros and cons. 


  • Makes a bold, expressive statement and get noticed.
  • Small designs can fit nicely on hands and fingers.
  • Palm side less painful for tattooing than top.
  • Healing tends to be quick if properly cared for.


  • Extremely difficult to cover up or hide.
  • Fading is very likely over time. Requires frequent touch ups.
  • Washing hands constantly accelerates fading.
  • Can potentially limit job opportunities and perceptions.
  • Veins and finger joints make application tricky.
  • Painful process, especially on top of hands.

Hand tattoos allow major self-expression, but require commitment to frequent touch ups. Ensure you’re ready for extremely visible ink that may impact professional options before getting hand tattoos. Placement is key.


Eye-Catching Collarbone Tattoo Ideas

Usually, skinny girls go for this nice, cute tattoo place because it shows off perfectly on their body type and seems to catch other people’s attention very easily.

Collarbone tattoos can make a cute, eye-catching statement. But the delicate collarbone area also comes with some unique considerations. Let’s explore the potential pros and cons before getting inked.


  • Slim, bony area great for showing off small, delicate designs.
  • Easily covered by high-neck shirts and sweaters if needed.
  • Healing is usually quick and uncomplicated.
  • Subtle spot great for first-timers not ready for major visibility.


  • Pain levels can be quite high during application. Sensitive spot!
  • Thin skin shows ink but fades quickly over time. Needs touch ups.
  • Movements from head/neck shifting can distort the art.
  • Spot prone to irritation from chafing seatbelts and necklaces.
  • Limited space means expanding artwork is tricky.

Dainty collarbone tattoos suit the area well when placed carefully. Make sure you’re up for high pain levels during application and potential fading issues later on. When done right, collarbone ink can be cute and expressive!


Amazing Ankle Tattoo Designs For Women To Try

It is the perfect place for small girly, and cute-looking tattoos. The pain level of getting a tattoo on your ankle is low, making it one of the best places to get a tattoo on your body. The famous ankle tattoo ideas include small hearts, butterflies, and flower patterns.

Ankle tattoos are a popular pick for cute and quaint designs. But before settling on ankle ink, it’s smart to weigh the unique pros and cons of this area.


  • Smaller designs fit nicely – hearts, butterflies, flowers, etc.
  • Easily concealed under pants, socks, shoes for discretion.
  • One of the least painful areas for tattoo application.
  • Healing is usually quick and uncomplicated.
  • Thin skin shows colors and details clearly.


  • Very high potential for fading over time. Touch ups needed.
  • Restricted space means expanding later is difficult.
  • Bony ankles and feet shifting can distort art.
  • Vulnerable to irritation from shoes and socks.
  • Not the most creative or visible location for ink.

Ankle tattoos are great for small, cutesy designs you want to cover up when needed. Just know they fade quicker than other spots and have restricted space. If you want something eye-catching and expansive, consider other areas.


Thigh Tattoos For Women With Meaning

Thigh is among the coolest places to get a tattoo. Even celebrities love to get tattoos at this place. The benefit of this place is that you can hide your tattoo while going out for work. Thigh wraps are popular among thigh designs.

Thigh tattoos offer a hidden spot on your body for personal ink. But there are unique pros and cons to weigh before getting thigh art.


  • Easily concealed under clothing, great for discreet tattoos.
  • Higher pain threshold than other areas during application.
  • Ample surface area for both large and small designs.
  • Muscular area holds ink well with less fading or distortion.
  • Healing tends to be quick with minimal irritation.


  • Location makes it hard to see and display thigh tattoos.
  • Inner thigh more painful to tattoo due to sensitivity.
  • Sitting for long sessions can be uncomfortable.
  • Teardrop shape of thighs impacts design flow.
  • Stretch marks can interfere with ink application.

If you want a personal tattoo that’s hidden but has ample room for design, thighs are a great place. Just consider visibility limitations and pain on the inner thigh during application. Overall an ideal spot for discreet tattoos you want mostly for yourself.

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Cute Tiny Ear Tattoos That Are Perfect for Minimalists
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Ears are a very good spot for women to get tattoos. The tattoo gives a fine, cute, personified look to girls when they are planning to have small tattoos. Small liners and attractive symbols are among the most popular ear tattoo designs.

Ear tattoos can be a cute and quirky place to get inked. But the sensitive ear area comes with unique pros and cons to weigh first.


  • Small tattoos fit nicely – linework, symbols, mini designs.
  • Delicate designs suit the ear shape and size.
  • Subtle spot great for first-timers or discreet ink.
  • Easily covered by hair or hats when needed.
  • Thin skin shows details clearly.


  • Pain can be significant during application. Sensitive area!
  • Healing can be complicated and prone to infection. Must be vigilant.
  • Fading and distortion likely over time. Requires frequent touch ups.
  • Limited space restricts design options and expansion ability.
  • Impact on future ear piercings and headset use.

Ear tattoos allow cute and quirky personal expressions in a discreet spot, but require careful healing and frequent touch ups. Make sure you’re up for significant pain on the sensitive ear! When done right, ear ink provides a delicate tattoo option.

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Funny Toe Tattoo Design Ideas

It’s among delicate body places to have a cute and feminine tattoo design, so take proper care of the tattoo until it heals completely. Moreover, you can wear nice nail paint on your toe that enhances the look of your tattoo design.

Toe tattoos can provide a hidden, discreet place for minimal designs. But the toes come with unique considerations. Let’s explore the potential pros and cons before getting toe ink.


  • Allows for small, cute, and quirky designs.
  • Easily hidden away in shoes if wanted.
  • Less physically painful spot for tattooing.
  • Usually heals quicker than other areas.


  • Fading and spreading likely over time. Needs frequent touch ups.
  • Restricted design options in small space.
  • Healing risks like infection heightened on feet.
  • Movement can distort artwork over time.
  • Vulnerable to irritation from friction with shoes, socks.
  • Limitations on nail polish colors that enhance it.

If looking for a hidden, low commitment tattoo, toes can work for small designs. However, consider the higher risks of distortion and complications from frequent friction and exposure on the feet before getting toe ink. Touch ups will be needed.

Choosing the Best Spot for Your New Ink

Choosing the Best Spot for Your New Tattoo

So you want to get tatted up, huh? That’s awesome! But before racing off to the nearest parlor, it’s smart to think long and hard about the best spot to get your new work of art.

There’s a lot to consider when picking the perfect body canvas. Do you want maximum visibility so everyone can admire your sick new tats? Or is something more low-key and discreet up your alley for your first go at body art?

You’ll also want to think about pain tolerance, since some spots (lookin’ at you, ribs) are way more sensitive than others. Longevity is key too – you’ll want to pick a spot that ages well and doesn’t end up warped and worn too quickly.

Ultimately though, it comes down to your personal style and preferences. If you dig bold, expansive pieces that make a statement, areas like your back, chest and thighs allow for creative freedom. For smaller or more delicate designs, dainty spots like wrists, ankles or shoulders rock.

No matter what though, do your research to find a stellar artist who knows their stuff and can guide your vision. With proper planning and aftercare, you’ll score amazing ink you’ll love flaunting for years to come. Get ready to crush it with your hot new tats!

We hope the above-mentioned list will help you find the perfect place among the best places to get a tattoo on your body, which changes your lifestyle completely.

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