Wedding Ring Tattoos: Should we go for it?

Are you getting married soon, and are you thinking of getting wedding ring tattoos? That is a terrific idea. You just have to think it through and not rush into it… I mean, getting married! Tattoos rule! Ok, seriously, wedding ring tattoos are a new fashion trend: Celebrities like Maria Carey, Angelina Jolie, and Paris Hilton have turned popular the wearing of tattoos to represent the commitment to a significant other. And, of course, as go the celebrities, so goes the public. Whether modern, Celtic, or religious, everyone nowadays seems interested in this way of demonstrating to their beloved one (and to the rest of the world) how much they adore them.

A few decades ago, tattoos belonged to rock stars, rebels, punks, sailors; few people were brave enough to undergo the needle. However, times have changed, and now it’s common to see a lovely new mom with her baby on her arms and a tattoo on her wrist. So any couple old enough to get married applies for a tattoo.

If you feel you could change your mind about your tattoo, you probably feel the same about getting married… well, that shouldn’t stop you! After all, tattoos also can be removed with an expensive procedure -and so can marriages! It’s called “getting divorced “… A wedding ring tattoo can be the ultimate romantic gesture, an expression of the everlasting love you two sweethearts share. Think about it for a second: while an ordinary ring can be taken off, get lost, or get stolen, a tattoo lasts forever.

Afraid of a little pain? Well, we all know love hurts, doesn’t it? Come on, a wedding ring tattoo is just a small design around your finger, and that won’t take too long. Look into the eyes of that special one as you share this significant moment that will mark your skin as well as your heart forever.

You say your mother wouldn’t appreciate it. She probably wouldn’t. Nevertheless, since when do you have to ask permission from your parents to marry someone least of all, what kind of ring do you two wear? It wouldn’t harm her to know tattoos are perfectly safe, as long as they are done with disposable needles in a hygienic environment. One piece of advice is to go to an expert, especially for such a special occasion.

And the designs for your wedding ring tattoos can be beautiful and unique, the same as your marriage. You can choose your wedding ring tattoos ring design inspired by your culture, your religion, or a piece of art. It could be shaped into flowers or simply be each other’s names tattooed on the other one’s finger. It could be a meaningful verse from the Bible or from your favorite song (that one that instantly transports you to the time when you first danced together or shared the first kiss…).

Last but not least, if you find wedding ring tattoos too visible, you may consider sharing a special design on any part of your body. Wedding ring tattoos will still be a symbol of your eternal love.

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