Tribal tattoo designs are not just an ancient historical tradition anymore. They are becoming increasingly popular today, not only in their original styles but sometimes fused with modern artistic techniques. There are many different styles of tribal tattoo designs from all over the world and with many unique meanings behind them.

Tribal tattoo designs normally use large amounts of black ink. This ensures a long-lasting tattoo that will not fade quickly like many other colors. However, this makes them nearly impossible to remove, so you should choose wisely when getting your special design inked onto your body. Since there are so many meanings and stories behind some of the markings, it should not be too difficult to find one that fits your personality.

The designs usually have vivid charm, with their bold lines and sharp edges. Some of the patterns can be extremely intricate, while others are made up of simple curves or swirls, depending on where they came from. Still, others use actual images of animals or objects rather than abstract markings.

Tribal Animal Tattoos and Their Meanings

Many animals are commonly used in tribal tattoo designs. The bear, for instance, is associated with some American Indian tattoo markings, and this usually signifies the presence of an animal spirit or totem of protection. Often, a bear’s paw print will be used rather than a drawing of its body. Dragons are also popular, and the interpretation behind a dragon tattoo can be intensely personal since there are so many different meanings to the symbol.

For example, in Western culture, the dragon is commonly thought of as an evil, fire-breathing monster to be feared and hated. Yet, to some Asian cultures, it is an amicable creature who illustrates the power of the heavens over the earth. The tiger is also a staple of Asian culture that stands for cruelty along with its striking beauty.

tribal tattoo meanings

What Are Tribal Tattoos Based on?

There are also plenty of inanimate objects used in tribal tattoo designs. The sun is commonly used, as it is worshipped by many people and looks down on us all. The sun stands for Life, so it is no coincidence that many of the ancient markings feature the powerful sphere.

Crosses are also ancient symbols. They have powerful significance in many religions and can represent spirituality while being perfectly incorporated into an ancient tattoo marking.

Flowers also have many deep meanings behind them and can be interwoven into all bold designs. Some may also be interested in Zodiac-related signs, such as merging the Zodiacal symbol you were born under with any number of images familiar to you. Zodiac symbols may also be linked together to signify the essence of your relationship with your closest loved one.

Lately, a new series of designs that some refer to as “New Tribal” has surfaced, combining the traditional patterns and lines of tribal designs with new, modern symbols chosen by the wearers. They look just as legitimate as the ancient markings. They can also be much more meaningful to the wearer since they can incorporate the beloved ancient style with their modern ideas to represent their lives more accurately. This puts a whole new spin on tribal tattoo designs.

Tribal Tattoo Designs are now being interwoven into modern styles to fit the current generation of tattoo enthusiasts.

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