Quote tattoos are just that. They are quoted. This means that if you have fallen for a particular statement or expression, a cool phrase or quote tattoo may be the perfect design idea that is best suited for your style.

Quote interpretations are specific and may yield personal meaning. While lettering tattoos always look beautiful and elegant on their own, some people choose to add more meaning to their phrase tattoo by also selecting the font.

For example, important people in your life can write the phrase and their handwriting can be tattooed on your flesh for the ultimate in personal tattoos.

Take a look at the following verses and get inspired to share your own thoughts through body art expression. Just remember, if you’re ready to ink a phrase, make sure it stands the test of time.

Don’t jargon up your body with some catchy phrase or trendy term that will date, humiliate and negate your cool factor later in life. With a little planning and some forethought, you can ink a worthy phrase that bears repeating for all of eternity.

Placement for quote tattoos is another consideration. While some people opt for hidden verses on their ribcage, others place the verse where it can be more easily read. If you want a daily affirmation, you may consider placing your tattoo on your inner forearm, wrist, or leg.

Another consideration is font and size. Your artist should help you determine the most legible design. If your lettering is too small it will be difficult to read, so consider this when you choose the verse. The more words in your verse, the more room you’ll need.

Hard and Fast

tattoos with meaningful sayings

Popular amongst sailors, this common term can conjure up many different meanings and associations. For the sports fan, the race fan, the sex fan, you name it- it’s a timeless term that defines your need for speed. Keep ’em coming!


hope tattoo small

When all hope is lost, depression sets in. It’s not always easy to find the strength or the will to carry on, but if you have a bit of hope to get you through the darker days, life can be easier to bear. This simple sentiment can help inspire positive thoughts and aspirations.

This Too Shall Pass

this too shall pass tattoo meaning

To live a life without struggle would mean far less experience and gained wisdom. The passing of difficult times can be encouraged with a simple reminder to stay strong and hold on. Popular on the inner wrist, wear this daily reminder for strength.


small peace sign tattoo

A tranquil greeting that encourages quiet and understanding, the word peace or the symbol can be combined for a simple yet powerful message. Other ideas would be to combine the lyrics of the John Lennon tune, Give Peace a Chance.

Live and Let Live

live and let live tattoo symbol

This quote means to do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. In other words, do not disrupt the livelihood or the choices of others, rather accept that everyone has free will and you only need to worry about yourself and your actions. Everyone else is free to live as they so, please.

I Am the Hero of this Story

I Am the Hero of this Story Tattoo

Reclaim yourself, your identity, and your confidence with this empowering verse that means you will not be defeated. No matter what you are against, remind yourself that at any given time you have the power to be the hero and turn things around. Exercise this thought process and you’ll begin to see big changes.

Important Dates

Name and date of birth tattoos

In addition to cool phrase tattoos, some people ink birthdates, wedding dates, and other special occasions as permanent reminders. If you plan or doing this, you can always add a sentiment to your tattoo later. Words and other expressions offer comfort and a sense of peace for many people which is exactly why cool phrases and quote tattoos are so popular. In addition to the standard script, you can also add some style to your lettering with small symbols that are in vogue, such as a feather a dream catcher, or a fox. All of these symbols have occupied the popular tattoos lists in 2013, and they all look great when paired with meaningful and thoughtful expressions. Embrace the quote tattoo trend, and your favorite words will always be close to inspire and enlighten you.

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