Toe rings are becoming an increasingly popular way of beautifying the feet along with shoes, sandals, anklets, and nail decor. But, if you’ve ever had a traditional toe ring, usually made of silver or silver-plated, gold or gold plated, maybe you will remember just how uncomfortable it can be no matter how cool it can look.

Toe ring tattoos are the ultimate in comfort toe accessories and permanent tattoos stay ready to display whenever you need, not only in summer but in winter, spring and fall too.

Toe Ring Tattoos
Toe Ring Tattoos: New tattoos – removable and natural.

In fact, anytime you want to display the beauty of your toes a toe tattoo can be your constant companion the whole year round whether permanent or more versatile temporary tattoos.

Traditional toe rings can often end up twisting and turning in your shoe, which can be such a nuisance, especially if you happen to be wearing stockings or tights on top.

It can end up back to front or in a wrong and awkward place. If you are wearing shoes, it can even affect how you walk too so that you end up hobbling along the road.

When you add it all up, that can be quite a high cost to maintain your image! Are you prepared to pay for it?

With a toe ring tattoo, you just don’t have that problem. You don’t have any discomfort because there is nothing bulky to fit around the toe, nothing to twist and turn, or to spend time constantly adjusting.

Toe Ring Tattoos
Toe Ring Tattoos: The Ultimate In Comfortable Accessories

And there’s no major maintenance either, unlike a traditional toe ring which either spoils, tarnishes, or gets lost when you go swimming for example, and which may need constant replacements or cleaning. There’s nothing to take off, put back on, lose, replace, twist, and turn …. in fact; there’s nothing but peace.

So your tattoo is low maintenance, comfortable, always looks good and once you’ve chosen a style that you really like, is a source of happiness for years to come.

Just remember to choose carefully because if it is a permanent tattoo, it is going to be around for a long, long time.



  1. Please let me know where to buy these tattoo toe rings. I have googled and cannot find these toe rings.
    Thank you.

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