10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting A Piercing
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When I studied abroad in London, I accompanied a couple of friends to a tattoo and piercing parlor in Camden. While one was confident about getting her septum piercing, the other was so nervous about getting her nostril pierced that I was convinced that she would either run out of the shop or throw up before the process was over. Miraculously, despite her fears of unbearable pain and crusty infections, she went through with it, and it looked great. As I sat in the waiting room, I couldn’t help but wonder what I’d look like with a nose piercing. It was one of the first times I seriously considered it, and to this day, a part of me still wants one.

But piercings are no joke! I got my ears pierced when I was a baby, so I don’t remember any of the pain associated with it. I’ve got a high pain tolerance, but I’m still pretty scared! So if you’re like me and are toying with the idea of getting some more piercings, here are 10 things to consider before going under the needle.

Think About It…A Lot

It might not be like getting a tattoo, but getting a piercing is still a pretty big decision, especially if you’re gauging your ears/lobe stretching. So think it over and see what your friends and family think, but ultimately go with your gut. If you’re unsure, definitely hold it off for a while.

Practice With A Fake And See If You Like The Way Your Piercing Would Look

If you’re unsure about how your piercing will really look, use some clip ons until you feel confident enough to get the actual piercing. That nose piercing you were thinking about might not look as hot as you thought it would!

Go To A Reputable Place

The Internet is your friend, okay? Google, Yelp, ask around…just do your research before you just stroll into the first piercings place you see. This is a process in which you are going to have a needle go through some part of your skin, so the least you can do is make sure the place is clean.

You Might Be Allergic To A Piercing Metal

Sometimes, piercing jewelry can cause allergic reactions, especially if it contains nickel. Luckily, stainless steel is pretty much an industry standard at this point, which is far less likely to cause a reaction. But beware of certain materials causing rash, redness, itching, oozing, and other irritants. You want to make sure that you nip the problem in the bud ASAP.

Be Prepared To Do A Lot Of Disinfecting

After you get a piercing, you’re going to have to make sure that you disinfect it regularly. You will probably receive some antiseptic from the piercing parlor, so make sure to follow their instructions unless you want to end up with a crusty, pus-filled mess at your piercing site.

You Might Not Love It

If you get your piercing and you don’t love it, please know that you’re not alone! It happens. But before you take it out, make sure that your disenchantment isn’t due to the actual piece of jewelry you’re wearing–it might not be your cup of tea–or simply needing to get used to your new look!

Be Prepared For Some Haters

Not everybody is gonna be jazzed about your decision to get a piercing. Unless it’s your ears, be prepared for some criticism from your family and your friends.

Familiarize Yourself With Your School Or Workplace Dress Code

I hate that piercings are banned in many dress codes, but that’s the way it is. Make sure that you know if your school or place of work allows piercings before you get one. You don’t want to roll up to school with your dope new piercing only to get hauled into the principal’s office.

Take It Out If You’re Not Feeling It

Look, if you just got your piercing and you’re seriously having second thoughts, just take the ring out. If you do that, your new piercing might just close up. Just make sure that you continue to disinfect the piercing.

Don’t Feel Limited

Piercings can be so fun and really show off your creativity. Get some earrings that dangle, cute studs, awesome hoops for that nose or lip piercing, and anything and everything in between. Of course, you don’t have to wear them all at once but just know that there aren’t any real rules with this. Have fun with it!

10 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Thinking About Getting A Piercing

10 Things You'll Understand If You're Thinking About Getting A Piercing
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Lately, I’ve been hmming and hawing about whether or not I should get a nose piercing, and I feel as if I’m on the verge of a decision. Ever since I watched a friend of mine get hers pierced at a little shop in London during study abroad, I’ve imagined a little gold hoop adorning my left–or right–nostril. And yet… I’ve been too nervous about taking the plunge. No, it’s not just because needles are scary; there are a whole host of reasons why I’ve gone back and forth about it.

If you’re also contemplating getting a piercing for so long that it’s seriously starting to do your head in then, you can probably relate to these 10 things. Wish me luck on eventually figuring my ish out!

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  1. Every time you see the kind of piercing you want, you’re practically doing grabby hands at the person rocking it. Awkward.
  2. You’ve asked your friends and family time after time as to what they think of the idea of you getting this beloved piercing.
  3. When they say you’ll look cool with it, you’re skeptical.
  4. When they say you wouldn’t pull it off, you’re insulted because, um, excuse you, it would look amazing. What the hell do you know?
  5. Okay…you are a little afraid that you’ll hate it, even though people say that it’ll just close up if you decide that you’re not into it.
  6. Oh, and you’re definitely a little afraid that it’ll hurt, especially if you’ve only had your ears pierced.
  7. And what if it gets infected? Oh, oh god, oh god.
  8. Also, what if it transforms your whole look but not for the better?
  9. But after thinking about all the cons, you still think your piercing would be at least 90 percent badass.
  10. But do you actually use this realization to take action and get the job done? LOL, nope, more procrastination for you.

10 Of Your Thoughts About Piercings

10 Of Your Thoughts About Piercings
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Anyone who knows me knows I love piercings. I currently have 12 pieces of metal in my body…and I always have plans to get more. From my septum ring to my stretched ears to my (secret) nipple piercings, my poked skin is something I love about myself.

Now, I know there are piercing haters out there. Trust me, most of them have probably stared me down on the street more than a few times. But even they can’t deny how awesomely hardcore it is to decorate your body with tiny pieces of metal. Or how cute I look, thanks to my piercings.

For all you piercing lovers out there (like me!), this one is for you. Check out these 10 comments from real girls all about pretty piercings!

Pick One! Piercings Or Tattoos – Which would you rock–a bunch of piercings or tattoos?

Which would you rock--a bunch of piercings or tattoos?
(Image source: Instagram/gonpiercer).

Kat: I only have three piercings, but I plan on getting a lot more. You can change your piercings; you can’t change your tattoos.

Maria: I have ears pierced, two on each ear, a small tattoo on my back.

Laura: I don’t have any piercings at all (Not even my ears), and I plan on keeping it that way! I like to think of myself as unique for being a girl who’s never had a piercing. But I would like to get tattoos when I’m older, whether it be a sleeve, a leg tattoo, or stomach, I just really want some!

Ellie: I personally plan to get both piercings and tattoos; I’d like a Dahlia piercing (both sides of the mouth) and a maybe if I can handle it, tattoo sleeves including some extending up my neck.

I’d absolutely love a tiny skull tattoo on my middle finger, though.

Maren: I’m not a fan of piercings; I don’t even have my ears pierced! But I think tattoos are nice so long as they’re meaningful.

Clare: I love both. But I picked piercings because I don’t think; personally, I have the patience or tolerance to get a tattoo.

Also, I feel as if I got one tattoo, I’d have to get like a full sleeve. I don’t like the look of tattoos that don’t flow through like singles.

My friend might be piercing my lip soon. I have such a low tolerance for pain. Wish me luck.

Ariadne: I have my ears pierced only once on each side, but when I get a bit older, I think I might get my belly button pierced. I also might get a tattoo when I get older, but I want it to be meaningful and small.

How do I decide what piercing to get?

How do I decide what piercing to get?
(Image: @piercingsworks)

KatyKat: I really want my cartilage pierced and also my tragus pierced, but I don’t know whether to or not it’s not because of how it will look. I love how both piercings look, and that’s not the problem. The problem is I don’t know how much they hurt, and I have a really low pain threshold. So my question is, has anyone else had it pierced in the same places? If you have, how much did it hurt?

Alegnatm: I have very high pain tolerance, so I am probably not the best for this, but cartilage piercings really only feel like a pinch to me. I have had my ears pierced about 13 times, though, and I have had quite a few other piercings.

My best suggestion, though, would be to make sure you pick a clean shop with a piercer who has a good reputation!

KatyKat: Thank you for the advice, I have got a shop in mind as I know quite a few people who have given great reviews of it, and on their website, it also says that they can numb certain areas, which sounds great for me.

I think I just need to stop being a wuss and go for it, as I have wanted to get my cartilage pierced for over 2 years. I keep making excuses as to why I shouldn’t get it. I think I’ll get my friend to go with me to make sure I don’t back out of it and pick me up off the floor if I faint. I’m not good with needles either.

Body Mods: Know What You’re In For!

Body Mods: Know What You're In For!
(Image: @toopunktodrunk)

Jae: You should get the piercings. They look nice on most people.

Kirei: I just recently had my breasts pierced, and I love them! This was something I wanted on my own even before it became popular, and I finally felt that I was responsible enough to care for them! Wonderful comic & tips!

Allie: I’ve always had my ears pierced, no big deal. I also have my nose and belly button and a post-it note-sized outline tattoo on my chest. I love body mods, but it really does help to think ahead!! I wanted piercings/tattoos I could easily hide for a job or possibly school, or whenever I felt like it, and I’m happy I did.

Darcie: I have my belly button pierced, and I’m getting my first tattoo in a couple of months when I turn 16!

Julie: I have my belly button pierced. What do you do to make sure it doesn’t get infected? Because mine is starting to get infected.


snake bites piercings

Chloe: Ahh, I so want snake bites, but my mum and sis totally hate them. Oh well, as soon as I’m old enough, I’ll just go on my own have to be 18, right?

Sommer: I have both industrials done. I was soo nervous the first time and the second time was nothing. I hope to get both tragus’ pierced as well. My ears are already gauged, so that will be about it. I don’t want any facial piercings. The next step will be a few tattoos.

Joojoobeeee: Bites are so hot!! does anyone know if surface piercings hurt a lot??

I really want a Monroe, but my parents won’t let me yet. I was also in a ski accident, where I bit straight through my bottom lip. So I’m kind of doubting that a piercing could hurt any more than that did.

What should I know before getting my first piercing?

What should I know before getting my first piercing?

Kristen: I have my ears, my industrial, my cartilage, and my belly button pierced. Even to this day, I sometimes get infections due to the metal of certain earrings. I’m allergic to Nickel, so I try to find earrings or any jewelry for that matter that doesn’t contain Nickel.

I would love to have my lip and nose pierced, but unfortunately, I am in health care, and they don’t like that too well.

Rachel: I’ve wanted my septum pierced for about a year, so obviously really thought about it. However, my mum won’t let me as it will “make my face look horrible and Manish.” My friend said it would really suit me, though. I’ve explained to my mum that I could always flip it up if she doesn’t want me to show it off to the family, and if I decide against it, it’s not like it will leave a noticeable scar, plus I’m in college now, so there are no rules against piercings. It’s just frustrating as there’s no real reason as to why I shouldn’t get one.

Jenn: Do you turn green when you wear rings? Some people are not able to tolerate having a foreign object in their bodies– not just a metal allergy.

Aisling: I’ve had about 3 piercings.

I got my ears done when I was 7, and it was horrible! My ears swelled up, and it got crusty, and I cleaned it and everything, but the years went on, and it didn’t bother me anymore.

Then I started college when I was 18 and got a nose ring cause I really wanted one, but let me warn you. They aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Nose rings don’t really ever fully heal, so if you leave them out for long periods of time, they’re hard to get back in even after the “healing” time. I had to always have a shower in order to get mine back in.

Another drawback is that it made me really sick. Having a foreign object in my nose made it so my body couldn’t fight off bacteria as well. It messed with my sinus passage, and I was literally sick for 4 months, coughing up crud and blowing my nose (which isn’t pleasant with a nose ring either) and all sorts of unpleasant, unnecessary drama.

O and when your sick, stuff builds up on your nose ring, and you have to scrape it off, or it makes it hard and even more painful to get out of your nose.

So I ultimately took it out because my major called for me to no longer have one. As soon as it was gone, I’ve barely been sick! It was a miracle!

Now recently, I got my ears pierced a second time. This was easy compared to the other 2, and it actually made me want to get another hole. So piercings are cool but be warned, they do come with complications.

Randii: As a person that is allergic to many metals, I feel your pain! That being said, I’m riddled with holes! It’s all about finding a metal that you’re not allergic to. Many jewelry pieces can also be made from rubber or plastic!!

Remember, you’re not allergic to the piercing; you’re allergic to the jewelry, but it is possible for a piercing to reject! Look for the signs of allergy and rejection reactions before you get pierced!

Julia: You’re probably allergic to certain metals. So FORGET Claire’s and the mall. Have you ever tried going to a tattoo/piercing shop? I would highly suggest it and get titanium jewelry! I still have many problems with the ear piercings I got at Claire’s, but my others are great!

Bailz: It might just be the metals that you’re allergic to. I used to have a reaction when I had certain earrings in, but surgical steel never does. And if surgical steel still bothers you, then try titanium rings.

Aud: Find out what metals you are allergic to. I’m allergic to nickel, which, it turns out, is pretty common.

ALWAYS avoid Claire’s or any place that does piercing with a gun. Go to a proper piercing place where the people are properly trained. As an added bonus, most of those places use super high-quality metals to pierce, so you’re less likely to have a reaction.

I’ve had my belly button, nose, and tongue all pierced with no problems. My ears were problematic because they were done:

a) with a gun, and b) before I knew I had a specific metal allergy.

Don’t rely on people who are like stainless steel is the safest – It’s NOT. It can still have huge amounts of impurities. Do your research.

Do you have any piercings already? Are there any that you’re contemplating? Tell us in the comments!

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