I am thinking about an upper leg or thigh tattoo. I am in my mid-twenties with no children and I am an avid runner. My legs are one of my best features. I’m very fashionable. I change my style often. I’m not sure if a thigh tattoo is a good life-long commitment. I love the way they look and think that one would flatter my physique. Do you have any tips or advice to share before I make this tattoo placement permanent?

Heck yes, I’ve got something to say. I adore thigh tattoos. If you’ve got them, show them off. The key to a good thigh tattoo is to go big or go home. There really is no in between. A tattoo that is too small in scale will look misplaced. Now is the time to analyze all of those designs you love and which ones fit the shape of your gams.

Popular tattoo designs include roses, dream catchers, feathers and gypsies. Some women opt for portraits or intricately framed cameo designs.

Progressive floral thigh tattoo from bud to bloom on a woman's thigh.
Gradient Floral Thigh Tattoo. @peria_tattoo/Instagram

Thigh tattoos are easy to conceal, but you’ll still be bearing them for a lifetime. Anytime you hit the beach or don a miniskirt, you run the risk of exposing your ink. This is why it’s important to be certain that you want a tattoo in such a prominent area.

To look its best for a lifetime, you should try to avoid any major weight fluctuations. The good news is that pregnancy will not normally affect the size of your thighs. As long as you stay active as much as possible, a thigh tattoo carries little risk of changing with your shape.

The next thing to consider is whether you’ll choose color or black and grey.

If you have darker skin, you might want to incorporate some brighter colors into your tattoo design, especially if you like to spend time soaking up the sun. If you’re pale-skinned, a black and grey tattoo could look very defined.

Remember, it’s all in the details, so try to find a tattoo artist that is professional and has a few ideas of his own.

The greatest risk of a thigh tattoo comes with forgetting how visible this placement will be for a lifetime. Bathing suits, short skirts, and short shorts will be revealing your thigh tattoo for eternity.

With that said, you don’t need a perfect body to make use of all this canvas. Even with only one tattoo, it will be beautiful if executed properly. Thigh tattoos are certainly on the trendier side of tattoo placement,and they can be quite sexy.

You’ve worked hard to maintain your shape and you should be proud of it. Just make sure you really like this placement idea. Once you place a large tattoo in this area you’ll have it for life! Do you need ideas? Do you have questions? Be sure to visit Blufashion.com/beauty-hair/tattoos-piercings/

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