14 Political Tattoos To Celebrate Election Day: bald eagle

Happy Election Day! Here are 14 political tattoos that people really got inked into their bodies.

It’s everyone’s favorite holiday: Election Day! Today’s the day when people make excuses to leave work and head over to the polls! The day when people lie about having informed opinions on their local politicians! The day when people show off their bald eagle tattoos for all of Instagram to see!

If you’re dying to check out some patriotic artwork that strangers have turned into permanent parts of their bodies, here’s your lucky chance. In the spirit of Election Day, here are 14 of the best!

1. Ignorance – Political Tattoo Ideas

ignorance Political ideas tattoos

Don’t be so ignorant to think you have liberty! Or don’t be so ignorant to think you… don’t! Don’t deceive people! Don’t allow yourself to be deceived! I don’t actually understand what message this tat is trying to send, but I love it.

2. Eagle Tattoos Ideas

Eagle tattoos ideas

This guy’s arm just wasn’t complete before it had an eagle’s face on it. I get it. I understand where he’s coming from.

3. American Skull

american skull

There’s some kind of statement being made here, but I’m not really able to pinpoint what it is. What I can say, though, is that nothing says “I love my country” quite like a skull! With cracks in it! And an impeccable set of straight teeth!

4. World War Champs Tattoo

World War Champs Tattoo

I’d really love to meet this guy at a party and strike up a conversation about WWI. I just get the feeling that he’d have something interesting to say.

5. Baseball Eagle

baseball eagle

What’s more American than baseball, eagles, shaved chests, and nipples? Nothing. NOTHING, I tell you.

6. Eagle and American Flag

eagle and american flag

If you look closely at this one, you can see an American flag blowing across the eagle’s face. It’s hard to notice at first, but if you stare long enough, you’ll see it.

7. Scratching Tattoo

Scratching Tattoo

Get it? There’s an American flag under his skin? When you scratch him, he bleeds patriotism? Get it?

8. Statue of Liberty tattoo

Statue of Liberty tattoo

I wonder how this guy feels about his country. I wonder if he’s down with the concept of liberty and justice for all.

9. Patriotic Eagle Tattoo with American Flag

Patriotic Eagle Tattoo with American Flag

It’s like the Mona Lisa. No matter what direction you look at it from, the eagle is always staring you in the eye. So is the nipple.

10. American Pride Star

American pride star tattoo

I kind of want to get one of these tattoos and lift my forearm up and down all day to make it move. If I’m going to have an American pride star on my elbow, it had better be able to dance. You know?

11. Patriotic Eagle Tattoo

eagle in a circle tattoo

You’ll never again have to wonder what a bald eagle would look like if it pressed its face up against a round pane of glass. Imagine if you were brushing your teeth and you glanced out the bathroom window to find this looking back at you. Just imagine.

12. 2nd Amendment Designs

Top Patriotic Tattoos and Ideas

This reminds me of that time we made a list of girls in prom dresses holding guns. That’s all I’m going to say.

13. Political Tattoo Ideas

Political Tattoo Ideas

There’s a political message in here somewhere, I’m sure, but I can’t shake the feeling that this zombie Uncle Sam would make a really good Halloween costume. Writing that one down.

14. 100 Percenter Tattoo Ideas

100 Percenter Tattoo Ideas

So do you think this guy’s American? I can’t really tell. I’m having a really hard time telling.

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