While tattoos can certainly make just a visual mark, other people opt for tattoos with meaning. Personal stories of courage and faith, or memorable tattoos that honor pets, mothers, and children, tattoos are rich in symbolism for both the wearer and in the images they suggest.

If you’re planning a piece of art and want a tattoo with meaning, draw inspiration from the following areas and you can begin designing that special and unique to you.

Tattoos with Meaning
Tattoo meaning guide. Image credit @cutegirlytattoos

Ideas for Tattoos with Meaning

The following suggestions for tattoos with meaning are a wonderful place to start for design inspiration.
Even though you can walk into a tattoo shop and just ask to see the flash or portfolios, having vested some personal soul searching will ensure your tattoo is much more significant and worthy of a lifetime of wear.

These areas should always be explored:

Birthdates Favorite flowers Favorite Bible, book or song verse Astrology and zodiac symbols Favorite animal Personal relationships Virtues and beliefs.

Other Ideas for Tattoo Meaning

It’s not always the design that bears meaning in a tattoo, sometimes it’s the ink. Did you know you can add ashes to ink and have your artist use them in your tattoo? Some people find comfort in adding some of their loved and deceased remains to their body art. If you’re open to the idea, discuss the procedure further with a reputable artist that you trust.

Other more personal family design ideas include handwritten tattoos copied from their exact source (a popular tattoo to remember parents, find an old card or letter they have written you and have an artist copy the sentiment) or hand and footprints that celebrate the birth of children.

Color or Black and Grey

After you’ve decided upon a design, you need to determine if you want a colorful or black and grey tattoo.

Some people only opt for color, whereas others prefer the contrast and shading of black and grey tattoos, especially in portrait pieces.

Colorful tattoos will fade, and you’ll need to be diligent with sunblock to retain the beauty of your piece. Although you can always have an artist freshen and breathe new life into a faded tattoo, some people decide to just keep it simple and forgo color altogether.

Adding More Significance to Flash

Still, stuck on design ideas? Explore the above options even further. Visit your local library or bookstore and dive even deeper into these suggestions. Consider some of the meanings of flowers and find something suited to a trait or a virtue that you favor.

Finally, maybe you are just the type to have an artist create a custom piece? There’s nothing wrong with needing artist input and you should always seek their opinion for tattoo placement and design anyway. Why not call your artist or seek out a professional in your area and book a consultation?

Be prepared to discuss some of your interests and ideas and be open to what the artist suggests based on your responses. With some time and effort and a significant amount of soul-searching, rather than just a tattoo, you can have a tattoo with meaning.

Tattoos With Meaning

It’s important that all your tattoos are tattoos with meaning. You can get a flash design, and it will look pretty cool, but what do you feel when you look at it? If it doesn’t mean anything to you, the feeling you have for it is probably pretty shallow, similar to buying a new pair of shoes that will be discarded later on and replaced with many other pairs.

A truly meaningful tattoo will give you a deeper, more sentimental feeling. That tattoo could never be replaced by another, and no one else in the world has it but you. It’s not just a tattoo for fashion or an impulse decision. Tattoos with meaning take time to figure out.

Tattoos that are meaningful must have the perfect imagery and/or text, the right colors to convey the exact emotions that you associate with the subject matter, and the perfect artist to create it.

Here at Blufashion, we make getting a tattoo with meaning much easier. Post your idea or concept here, and the artists can help you sort out what you want.

Sometimes if the meaning is too emotional, it’s hard to describe or sort out on your own. Our artists can help give you ideas and then execute the actual design into something you will love forever. You deserve a design that will give you goosebumps every time you look at it.

Some very meaningful reasons people decide to get a tattoo include: celebrate the birth of a child, memorialize the loss of a loved one, celebrate a relationship with a special person in their life, success in career and life, personal hardships, aspects of one’s personality, overcoming an illness, the list goes on and on.

What’s the most meaningful thing to you? Would you like to get a tattoo to commemorate or celebrate it? Get started by posting a request for your meaningful tattoo.

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