Take Your Next Tattoo For A Test Drive With These Tan Line Stickers

I love body art. When I was a kid, I had a treasured collection of temporary tattoos that I considered merely a placeholder for when I was old enough to get a real one. Now some clever people have invented a new type of temporary tattoo that’s perfect for summer: The sticker tan tattoo.

Apparently, cool kids everywhere are zhushing up their real and fake tans by putting little stickers on themselves. Then when the tan is done, they have a little bare outline in the shape of the sticker. Basically, it is just like what happens when your little sister comes and pokes you all over the back, and you don’t realize until hours later that she had put sunblock on her hands, and now you have little dots all over, except cuter and more intentional. Here are just some of the design options people have tried.

1. Heart Tan Line

Heart Tan Line

The little heart seems to be by far the most popular tan line tattoo.

2. Texas Tan Line Tattoo

Texas Tan Line Tattoo

My goodness.

3. The Girl with the Dragon Tan Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tan Tattoo

This one is way intricate.

4. Batman Tan Line

Batman Tan Line

I may suddenly be a convert to tanning body art. Well, I can’t tan, but I can suddenly see the appeal.

5. Hibiscus Tan Stickers

These stickers are very pretty. You could also use them just as regular stickers, but they are particularly well-suited for tanning. Actually, check out this whole store. They also have hearts, butterflies, stars, dragonflies, nautical symbols, and more.

6. Shamrock Tan Line

Shamrock Tan Line

If you can actually get a tan in time for St. Patrick’s Day, I am impressed. If not, this photo proves this technique works just great with a spray tan, too.

7. Custom DIY Turtle Tan Tattoo

Custom DIY Turtle Tan Tattoo

This was a custom job made by just cutting a turtle shape out of duct tape. You could probably also get the same effect by buying sticker paper for your printer from any office supply store.

8. Playboy Bunny Tan Tattoo

Playboy Bunny Tan Tattoo

This will definitely make you the most popular girl at the mansion.

9. Sunscreen Tan Tattoo

Sunscreen Tan Tattoo

This one won’t give you crisp edges like a sticker, but if you’re at the beach and a tan tattoo suddenly seems like a really good idea, go for it.

10. Tribal Tan Tattoo

Tribal Tan Tattoo

Is it wrong if I think this one is awesome? Because I kind of think this one is awesome.

11. Just go totally crazy

Custom tanning stickers

This is going to look a bit odd once they shower, but it sure looks like they’re having fun.

(Photos: Pinterest)

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