May the following 5 strange and bad tattoos serve as a reminder to always pick a talented tattoo artist and design carefully so that you can enter the tattoo process without an ounce of regret.

Not only should a professional artist provide quality work, their integrity should be as such that they encourage you to avoid any silly and/or permanent mistakes.

Should you have your heart set on such a piece then by all means get tattooed with a passion from an artist who agrees to do the work. Just make sure you follow the process of selecting a professional artist and practice their suggested tattoo after care.

While tattoo removal can erase a bad mistake, it’s a costly and painful process. Should your current tattoo resemble any of the following 5 strange and bad tattoos and you wish to make a change, see a tattoo artist first and consider covering up your old tattoo with a custom design that’s sentimental and offers personal significance.

Take a look at the world of self-expression and decide; are the following 5 pictures strange and bad tattoos, or are they worthy of a permanent mark? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art is subjective.

1. Superheroes

Superheroes Tattoos
5 Strange and Bad Tattoos.

Even if you feel like the strongest man in the world, chances are depicting that image on your body is a superhero mistake. Especially when you add to your hero some sort of demonic or villan quality or trait. If you want to capture the symbol of strength or any otherworldly ability, seek out symbols or character representations that prove you’ve got some brains along with those good looks.

2. Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons and Bows Tattoos
Image CC Jim K Town @ Flickr.

While ribbons and bows can have a sweet and seductive charm to them, be careful where they are placed. This tattoo does nothing for the shape of her legs. Not only are the bows too big, the placement is just right smack in your face. Place a bow where you’d like to unwrap something and let your mind and imagination linger from there.

3. Technology and Microchips

Technology and Microchips Tattoos
image CC Blakespot@ Flickr. image CC Blakespot @ Flickr

Just as time flies and technology changes, so do tattoos. This quirky micro-chip tattoo has already been done along side the barcode tattoo trend. Not only are these witty and comical tattoos played out, they serve really no distinct purpose other than the speculation of the future. Rather than live in the future, live for today and opt for a tattoo that defines who you are. That can’t be just a number, right?

4. Flying Objects

Flying Objects Tattoos
image CC lomo cam@ Flickr. Image cc Lomo Cam@ Flickr

Anything that flies that normally shouldn’t such as a pig, clock, a cow over the moon or a camera may prove to be a mistake later, mostly because you’ll likely spend your entire life explaining to complete strangers what your tattoo means and why it flies. If you’re brave enough to opt for a strange tattoo such as a flying camera, seek out a talented artist and at least have them do a colorful and quality job as seen here.

5. Sports Star Tattoos and Glory Days Designs

Sports Star Tattoos - 5 Strange and Bad Tattoos
image cc jedimenta 44@Flickr

We’ve all been there. Glory days such as high school sporting events will always hold a special place in our hearts. Whether you were the captain of the team or simply cheering on the boys from the sidelines, there is simply no reason to tattoo anything like ‘Throw it in her butt’ on your body. Not now and most certainly not during your glory days. This includes jersey numbers from the team unless they are in memorial. Sorry boys.

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