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Show off your sparkling and soaring spirit with star tattoos. From nautical stars to fallen designs, there is much beauty in the cosmic space. While nothing more than specks in the night sky, stars hold such a deep mystery and interest about them. It’s no wonder both women and men appreciate the mysticism of star tattoos. They blend well with nearly any other tattoo art style and are celebrated throughout the world. If you want to feel connected to the wide-open space above you, look up and feel the universe with a star pattern tattoo design and tattoo a piece of the cosmic universe.

Stars may encourage you to always believe, reach for the impossible, and never forget to sparkle. No matter how dark the night is, stars are always shining and lighting the way.

On your life path, stars may symbolize an eternal guide or a comfortable sight that can help you relate to something concrete and anchoring. Stars are always with us, and many times we might glance upon them with heartfelt wishes and secret dreams. The stars know all of your desires.

The Symbolic Meaning of Stars

Depending on the type of star, they can have several different meanings. From astronomy to astrology and even the Star of David, star patterns have their own unique significance and meaning to the wearer. Take a look at some of the more common types of star tattoos.

Types of Star Tattoos

Types of Star Tattoos

Fallen Star

A fallen or a shooting star makes a meaningful and lasting impression. Rare in a sense, moments you want to cherish can be celebrated with a shooting star pattern. Personal success, career ventures, and overcoming personal obstacles can all be reasons you may choose to ink a shooting star tattoo. Anything that otherwise may seem to be impossible to achieve can be symbolized in a shooting or a falling star pattern.

You may tattoo this whenever you’re proud, enlightened, and feeling inspired. Or simply celebrate the brilliant person that is you.

Nautical Star

For the sailors, nautical stars helped guide the way and offer protection on the deep sea. Compass stars also referred to as nautical stars can also be worn to celebrate choosing your own life path. For superstitious people, a nautical star can be a comfort in the darkness and serve as a reminder that you’re always guided by some higher light.


Constellation star patterns may just look like a series of dots, but they mean so much more to those who gaze upon and follow them. You can opt for a deep black and grey depiction or get creative and opt for a colorful tattoo, as a constellation tattoo can be striking. If you study astronomy this is a natural way to celebrate your starring interests.

Star of David

With its six points suggesting the Divinity in touch with mankind, the Star of David is a symbol in Judaism and is also known as the Creator’s Star. This star can be worn as a religious tattoo statement.

Placement Suggestions

Star tattoos can be placed on the ankles, upper arm, shoulder, hips, lower back, and anywhere else for that matter. Star tattoos can be tattooed in a single pattern or you can opt for a series of stars. You can also add stars to existing body art very easily, so consider freshening up an old tattoo with a few stars for a little unexpected detail if you have a new tattoo itch.

For men, consider wearing stars on the back of your shoulder or one right on your inner wrist. If you have a shooting star pattern, you may want a tattoo shoots down your side or across your shoulder blades.

For girls, lower hip tattoos can be a whimsical place to place a few stars. Or you can opt for random and artistic placement like the photograph above and tattoo a few everywhere. For something simple why not opt for the foot? If you can find an artist willing to tattoo this difficult area, it makes a unique spot to tattoo. Especially if you feel like walking amongst the stars.

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