Choosing a tattoo should involve a lot of thought. Tattoos are meant to symbolize something that is important to you. It will be on your skin forever, so it’s best to be sure that the meaning behind your symbolic tattoo is relevant to you as an individual.

Star tattoos are very common in the world of body art. For some, stars are beautiful and simply something a person must have incorporated into their body art. For others, stars hold many different meanings that make the selection a bit more personal.

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Star Tattoos

Whether there is one star of a particular color, a certain number of points on the star, a pentacle, or a grouping of a specific number of stars it can safely be said that the meaning of this iconic, popular tattoo is extremely versatile and changes quickly depending on the look of the tattoo and the person who gets it.

The Meanings of star tattoos with four points

Star tattoos with four points are a type of cross. The image was very popular within Native American groups and could be found decorating items of clothing and weapons as well as items for everyday use. The four-pointed star could be used to memorialize someone or something that deserved all the trust they received throughout life, or it could be used to describe the redeeming qualities you offer the world, such as honesty and integrity.

People who get a four-pointed star tattoo are very determined souls that love to make their own decisions and follow through until the bitter end. Whether obsessive or simply tenacious, these people have true grit and that grit is immortalized in ink on their skin through a four-pointed star.

The Meanings of star tattoos with five points

Many five-pointed stars are used to represent the five basic elements that make up the world. These elements are fire, water, wind, earth, and soul. Pagans and Wiccans use the five-pointed star as a means of protection. Five-point stars also can bring harmony.

If you want a five-point star tattoo, it is safe to guess you are a very independent and courageous person. You love to learn, and you need room to grow and learn all of the things you desire. You don’t like to be held back by social norms, and you are most likely a free spirit. Due to the amount of freedom you enjoy, you are often able to take in information and process it quickly to come up with a conclusion of your own that is well thought out and prompt.

Star Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of star tattoos with six points

The six-point star is generally associated with the Jewish faith. Called the Star of David, it is said that David had this star upon a shield when he fought the giant Goliath. There is no written word in the bible that says this is the case; it has been passed down as folklore for generations.

The six-point star was also made popular by fans of Aleister Crowley. When a right side up triangle is overlapped with an upside-down triangle, the first triangle represents fire and the second represents water showing the power of opposition when fused together as one.

If you choose a star tattoo with six points, you are most likely a unique person with great philosophical wisdom and compassion for other people. You don’t mind dealing with the hard aspects of leadership or being a role model because you love helping others through rough times by using your heartfelt intelligence.

Meanings of Nine, Eight, and Seven point star tattoos

The Nine-point star is an Eastern symbol that represents your chakras. If you are a soul filled with compassion, honesty, and generosity, the nine-point star is an appropriate addition to the canvas on your person.

The Eight-point star is often used in paganism as a sign of being whole. This is a perfect star tattoo for those who are very grounded and are certain of their place in life.

The Seven point star is also known as the Fairy star, often worn by those of Wicca faith. If you are a loving, caring, and pacifistic person with a deep connection to the spiritual realm, this star is perfect for you.

Celebrities with Star Tattoos

Many celebrities have star tattoos. Here are Just a few:

  • Rihanna star tattoos decorating her neck and shoulder blade.
  • Avril Lavigne has a star tattoo on her wrist.
  • Gisele has a star tattoo on her upper arm.
  • Sienna Miller has star tattoos on her shoulder.

Choosing a Star Tattoo with a meaning that fits you

Like with any tattoo, doing your research to see which star would best suit you is the only way to be sure you are choosing the right one. The stars are very powerful, as they are all around us. Look at the different aspects of your spirituality and your personality to see which of the many stars is perfect for you.

Every star is a little different, just like all of us. The meanings of star tattoos are just as versatile. Whether you are emotional, steadfast, honest, devoted, loyal, or whimsical, there are tattoos out there perfect to add to your body art representation of yourself.

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