Not sure where to put your next tattoo? Instagrammers are flipping their ink game around and trying out the latest in tat trends: spine tattoos. Check out these 20 looks for inspiration!

Not Just A Phase

Spine Tattoos That Have Us Doing Backflips

Just yes to everything about this tattoo from @steakndchicks. From the stunning flower to the intricately cool phases of the moon, we’re howling at how much we love it!

Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone Spine Tattoo
PHOTO: @spaditattoos | INSTAGRAM

At first glance, you might miss it. But the leaves in this tattoo from @spaditattoos oh-so-perfectly follow the vertebrae down the spine, and how freaking awesome is that?!

Watercolor Birthstones

Watercolor Birthstones Spine Tattoo
PHOTO: @ gilly_inc | INSTAGRAM

We all know watercolor tattoos are hot, hot, hot, right now, and this birthstone look from @hooligan_dcr combines two of our current fave tat trends!

Go With The Floral

Go With The Floral Spine Tattoo
PHOTO: @ ivan_martinez_tattoo831 | INSTAGRAM

A vine of gorgeous florals down your spine is as delicate as it is badass. @ ivan_martinez_tattoo831 shows a stunning example in this photo!

Follow Your Arrow

Follow Your Arrow Spine Tattoo

Don’t just stick with straight lines. This tattoo from @vortextattoosbyjamie shows off some serious shading and bolded areas to make it a true work of art!

Back To Bloom

Back To Bloom Spine Tattoo

Watching the flowers finally bloom in the springtime is one of the most hopeful times of the year, in our opinion. Show off a time lapse of the different phases, like this tat from @tatuaggi_!

Game Of Thorns

Game Of Thorns Spine Tattoo

Spine tattoos don’t necessarily have to take up all of your vertebra. This black and white rose on @tazebeth packs a huge punch in a small space.

Branch Out

Branch Out Spine Tattoo Design
PHOTO: @anais_chabane | INSTAGRAM

This tree branch look from @anais_chabane had to have taken hours, but the result was obviously totally worth it! We can’t be(leaf) how gorgeous it turned out!


Literally Spine TattooS

This “spine tattoo” from is taking the trend to an entirely new level. This kind of detail takes a TON of skill!

Dots And Diamonds

Spine Tattoo Ideas

The bolder lines in this spine tattoo from @staninkmen add just enough drama to make it a little more interesting and lot more gorgeous!

Pizza My Heart

Pizza My Heart Spine Tattoos

If it means a lot to you, you should get it tatted, right? This spine tattoo from @rozlyndubztattoos is truly a slice of Heaven!

Tiny Garden

Tiny Garden Spine Tattoo

Why stick with one flower when you can get a whole garden? Loving these intricately designed tattoos from @ananjtattoos; just look at those details!

Back Besties

Matching Spine Tattoo

Don’t take on the trend alone! Grab your bestie and choose a design that you’ll both love for years to come. Check out these fun matching tattoos from!

[S]Pine Tree

Pine Tree Spine Tattoo
PHOTO: @lilashleytattoos | INSTAGRAM

Simple and elegant, this pine tree tattoo from @lilashleytattoos looks absolutely gorgeous on the model’s spine. We can’t think of a better placement!

Planets Aligned

Spinal Solar System Tatto
PHOTO: @inked_by_tahlia | INSTAGRAM

How cool is this spinal solar system from @inked_by_tahlia? If you’re wanting to do a space-inspired tat, just pe sure to [planet] out! (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

(Sun)Flower Power

SunFlower Spine Tattoo Ideas
PHOTO: @charli_tat2 | INSTAGRAM

If there’s ever a place for a massive sunflower on your body, it’s on the spine. This tat from @charli_tat2 is equal parts edgy and stunning!

Roses Are Rad

Roses Are Rad Spine Tattoo Designs
PHOTO: @tzer.tattoos | INSTAGRAM

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…and look as good as this tattoo from @tzer.tattoos!

You Can Quote Us

Quote Spine Tattoo Ideas
PHOTO: @lexibkip | INSTAGRAM

A spine tattoo is the perfect place for your favorite quote, like this one from @lexibkip. You’ll definitely want to make sure it fits first, though!

[Back] To Your [Roots]

Back To Roots Spine Tattoo
PHOTO: @emmacarrtattoo | INSTAGRAM

This simple design from @emmacarrtattoo takes a more literal meaning to getting back to your roots, but we totally dig it!

Spine tattoos allow for incredible creativity and personalization. Whether you want a delicate floral design, an inspiring quote, or an astronomical work of art, there are endless options to make a statement on your back. As this article shows, spine tattoos are a huge trend right now, letting people show off their unique style. With the spine being a large canvas, you can go big and bold or small and simple. Just make sure to pick a design that is meaningful to you, so your new ink will be something you’ll love forever. Spine tattoos are the perfect way to put your own personal stamp on a hot new tattoo trend.

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