If you’re a person who loves to get new piercings, the popular snake eyes piercing will definitely catch your attention. Tongue piercings have become increasingly popular. Snake Eyes is named for giving your tongue a snake like appearance, the tongue represents a snake with two beads for eyes. The entire effect is ensured by a proper piercing that is done precisely at the front of the tongue.

A Snake Eyes piercing is a new type of tongue piercing that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. People who ask for snake eyes piercings are usually looking for something different, not what you would typically see on everyone else.

The piercing itself is not necessarily painful, but it does require time to heal properly. People who are interested in this kind of piercing should be aware that it can be difficult to clean and maintain. There is also a high risk of infection, which can lead to swelling and discomfort.

Snake Eye Tongue Piercing

Snake Eye Tongue Piercing

The snake eye tongue piercing requires that you pierce the tongue at its tip and insert a single barbell horizontally. A curved barbell is used in most cases, and it goes straight through the tip of your tongue.

Some people may expect this piercing to be painful. However, the snake eyes piercing is quite painless to have done.

It is important that you do not play around with your new piercing jewelry during the healing period, as it will delay the overall healing process of your piercing.

Piercing aftercare is one of the most important aspects that will play a big role in the outcome of your snake eyes piercing. If the piercing heals improperly, there are chances of an infection in the mouth. To avoid this you need to make sure you are adequately taking care of your piercing as it heals.

Since the mouth is host to a whole lot of bacteria, the chances of a tongue piercing becoming infected are quite high. Therefore, it is important that you take all the essential aftercare steps suggested by your piercer.

For achieving optimum results, you need to make sure you play with the piercing as little as possible. This will only elongate the healing period and increase the chances of infection. Washing your mouth out with a saline solution is a good way to reduce the chances of an infection.

Snake Eye Piercing Jewelry

Snake Eye Piercing Jewelry

Snake eyes piercing jewelry should be selected carefully. Usually, the best quality snake eyes piercing jewelry would maximize aftercare and healing procedures. Generally, a curved bar is inserted horizontally in the snake eye piercing to ensure the proper look.

If you are looking for different piercing jewelry options, consult with your piercing artist about its impact on the overall outcome of the snake eyes piercing.

Snake Eye Piercing Pros and Cons

Snake Eyes Piercing Pros and Cons

Every piercing comes with its own pros and cons: snake eye piercings are no exception. We’ll talk about the good and bad aspects so you can get your facts straight before making a decision. 


  • Less pain when actually piercing.
  • Quick healing: It takes about 55 days for a tongue piercing to heal completely.
  • Less bleeding: One of the advantages to getting a tongue piercing is that they tend to bleed less than other piercings. 
  • Easy to hide: A pro of tongue piercings is that they are very easy to hide. You can hide them as long as you do not adopt the habit of sticking your tongue out.
  • Looks very fashionable: While many people don’t know what a snake eyes piercing is, it has been gaining popularity among celebrities and fashionistas alike.


  • Jewelry can quickly knock your teeth and damage them.
  • Can cause some oral pain and problems.
  • Can affect a person’s speech patterns.
  • It may decrease some of the functions of your tongue.
  • Can cause difficulties in chewing.
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