Small Tattoo Designs - Always Fashionable among Women

Small tattoos for women showcase women’s feminine beauty and natural sexiness. Tattooing for women is more ancient than many people would think. Mummies from ancient Egypt are testimony that women were covered in tattoos back in time. Today, tattoos let women express their personalities.

If you are thinking of getting your first tattoo, but you lack any small tattoo ideas for women, you are lucky to stumble upon this article as we will show you the most popular designs of 2022. But first, you need to decide which body part or area you want to be tattooed.

Here are the most common body parts women prefer being tattooed.

  • Upper Back
  • Neck
  • Lower back
  • Hips
  • Around the navel
  • Ears
  • Wrist

Generally, women prefer smaller tattoos than men. Some of the areas are more painful than others, for example, neck tattoos are reserved for the braver souls while wrists are perfect for beginners.

Here are also some of the popular and common small tattoo ideas for women.

Flower tattoos

Lotus flower tattoo

A symbolic design and a beautiful gift from nature; women choose more often flowers invoke deeper meaning depending on the type of flowers. The rose, for example, is something that attracts attention which can mean a lot of things – beauty, love, femininity, and passion. Another very popular flower tattoo design is a lotus flower tattoo, which symbolizes purity, chastity, and spirituality.

Butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos

One of the most popular small tattoo ideas for women is the butterfly tattoo. Aside from being really colorful when tattooed, butterflies also can take many forms and shapes. This variation of colors and shapes symbolizes a new life, transformation, change, freedom, happiness, and fragility.

Star tattoos

Star tattoos

One of the simplest, but very popular tattoo designs (even among men) is the star tattoo. Star tattoos can be designed on any body part as either a small or big design.  Stars are very pleasing to the eyes. The most popular star designs are mostly a shooting star and a nautical star. A star symbolizes guidance, fame, and luck.

Fairy tattoos

Fairy tattoos

For women who love magic and magical creatures as well, a fairy tattoo is usually their most common choice. Knowing that fairies can fly and make wishes come true, fairy tattoos symbolize freedom, magic, and fantasy. They become popular in the early 2000s after Britney Spears tattooed a fairy on her lower back.

Angel tattoos

Angel tattoos

Angels are s religious symbol believed as a winged spirit intended to deliver the word of God to mankind. Angel tattoos symbolize divine power, innocence, and purity. Angel tattoos can also be designed together with wings, clouds, or crosses.

All the above small tattoos for women can be done minimalistically or in watercolor and all of them can be very small to not draw unwanted attention.

Tiny Tattoos To Make You Seem Mature

I know the words “mature” and “tattoo” don’t really fit together, but stick with me for a minute. You might have this pre-conceived notion that everyone with a tattoo is some sort of “rebel.” I know I did since my family was very anti-tattoo. I’m sure your parents have given you the “tattoos are irresponsible, and you should never get one” talk, but if you think about it, tattoos can actually be a pretty “adult” thing to do. Obviously, if you’re getting Katy Perry’s face tattooed on your back, you might regret it eventually. But if you get a tiny and subtle tattoo with meaning, it is actually a pretty mature thing.

There are a bunch of tattoo ideas that will make you seem ~cool~ while still maintaining a grown-up personality. After all, it’s a pretty mature thing to take control of your body and make your own decisions. If you find yourself wanting to get a tattoo but don’t want to seem like an immature teen with no self-control, you should check out these 15 tiny but cool tattoos that will still help you seem mature.

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