Tiny Tattoo Design Ideas
Small meaningful tattoos for females.

When we think about tattoos, we often think about the large murals painted out on the skin. But what about those small tattoos that seem overlooked at the end of the day? The same amount of skill that it took to create that beautiful back piece goes into even the smallest of tattoos, creating incredibly inspiring and detailed pieces.

There are some very small but mighty tattoos that may help to change your mind on those itty bitty pieces of creativity.

Call them cheeky, the following fashion-forward tattoo ideas are tiny and tiny, yet still sorta edgy. Truth be told, a tattoo doesn’t have to be large to have an impact. Small designs pack a big punch, especially when they are the only visible tattoo you have on your body.

Whether you are tossing around ideas for your first tattoo, or want a tattoo without desiring something larger in scale to express your point of interest, the following tiny tiny tattoo design ideas are perfectly happy being Haute.

Hipster friendly, runway approved, and not going anywhere anytime soon. Here are my suggestions. I’ll keep the list a little.

1. Stars

Small tattoo designs for girl

Are you feeling bright? You can tattoo a few stars without commitment. A tiny tiny star can be placed on your collarbone, behind your ear, or perhaps even on your face. While face tattoos are the ultimate “I take my tattoos seriously” hot spot, small is still the norm here. Please consider face tattoos VERY carefully.

2. Hearts

Small heart tattoos on wrist

What’s not to love about a small little heart tattoo? Place this design on your wrist in either a single or multiple designs and you can officially wear your heart under your sleeve and no one has to know.

3. Moon

Tiny moon tattoo ideas

I wish I may I wish I might, a moon tattoo is out of sight! When a crescent moon is placed on your inner wrist or collarbone it’s small but can still hold plenty of meaning. Whether the moon represents your birth sign or mere fascination with the changing lunar phases, only a few shall be so lucky to see it.

4. Initials

Small initial tattoos on finger

Perhaps you desire a design idea that carries meaning but is afraid to commit to a relationship tattoo such as your lover’s name. Your worries are justified. Hopefully, you can spell their initials out into a three-letter word and tattoo those instead. CAT, JET, BAT, etc.

5. Feather

small feather tattoo meaning

Feather tattoos are currently one of the trendiest and most fashionable design ideas. They can also be made as small as a parakeet or as large as a parrot’s. A small, tiny, tiny feather tattoo can be placed right behind your ear. To add some dimension, consider coloring your feather in all the hues of the rainbow.

6. Infinity Symbol

infinity tattoo with names on wrist

It’s true that most tattoo artists are tired of doing infinity after infinity tattoos. It almost seems like this tattoo design trend is just going on, forever…

7. Music Notes

Music notes tattoo neck

If the music is playing, it’s time to dance! Show your love for rhythm with a music note tattoo. Whether you opt for a clef design or an entire score, small and simple music note tattoos are beating with trend appeal.

8. Skeleton Key

Simple skeleton key tattoo

If you’re a sucker for antiques, chances are you’ll love a skeleton key tattoo. Packing lots of character in a small design, you can wear a key on your inner wrist or even on the inside of your index finger.

9. Bow

Small bow and arrow tattoo

Put a pretty ribbon or bow on it! A tasteful and dare I say elegant tattoo choice, a small bow placed on either the inner wrist or behind the ear is now considered a classy tattoo design. Who would have thought?

10. Arrows

arrow tattoo design

Quickly taking the lead in the realm of trendy tattoos, the almighty arrow hit the bullseye with a fashionable and discreet design idea. You can use multiple arrows and opt for more of a Native American design (team it up with a dream catcher) or let your arrow soar alone in its own direction.

11. Triangles and Shapes

small triangle tattoo

It must have been Johnny Depp who started the small shape tattoo trend. He has three tiny rectangle tattoos on his finger. You can read all about them here. Even if Johnny did not start the trend we will give him credit anyway. After all, it’s Johnny!

12. Small Garter Tattoo

small tattoo of garter
Artist: Dale Mathias

This small tattoo is packed with detail.

13.Mickey Mouse

small tattoo - Mickey Mouse

The gruesome side of Mickey.

14. Small Bird Tattoos

small tattoo birds
Artist: Simon Painltdtattoo

Small forearm pieces.

Small Tattoo Ideas

Where do you go for tattoo ideas? You know, when you need a tattoo but you’re not exactly sure what you really want? Or do you have a meaningful reason for a tattoo, but you’re not sure what imagery would work for your sentiment? If you can relate, you’ve come to the right place. Blufashion.com is a great place for tattoo ideas as well as the final execution of that perfect tattoo to represent you and your story.

Want a memorial tattoo but want something more than just lettering of your loved one’s name and important dates? In addition to finding the right artist for your tattoo, you can ask the tattoo artists and designers what they think would be some great ideas for the design.

More information about the person and your story will help them visually tell the story that you describe in words. Examples are favorite hobbies the person had, a favorite color, flowers, or certain jewelry that was important to them.

Looking for a tattoo idea for a small tattoo design? This is the largest spot on the body and a rather amazing canvas for a tattoo design. The possibilities are endless! It may be overwhelming to decide what you want to be inked in such a large spot.

The artists are more than happy to give suggestions and input about what would work for you. Two heads are better than one, but hundreds of artists at your fingertips giving their input and interacting with you directly is invaluable!

Whatever tattoo you need, our artists can help you. Ready to post a request and ask for some small tattoo ideas for your custom tattoo? Go for it!

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