I want a symbol tattoo, but I am not sure what I’d like to have.

I really like small black designs, geometric or script tattoos preferably. I also like interesting designs such as talismans and rune tattoos. I’ve also considered getting an astrological tattoo design. I want to avoid tattoo trends, but at the same time, I want something stylish. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for something a little different? Signed, Symbolic in Seattle.

Dear Symbolic in Seattle,

Thanks for reaching out! Symbol tattoos are a great choice because they can have a personal, significant meaning for the wearer. If you want something that’s unique and not too trendy, here are a few ideas for small symbol tattoos:

  1. Top 5 Small Symbol Face Tattoos to Consider: Face tattoos are a bold choice, but if you’re considering one, consider these five small symbol designs.
  2. The Best Small Symbol Tattoos for Maximum Meaningfulness: These small symbol tattoos pack a big punch when it comes to personal significance.
  3. Symbol Sister Tattoos: Small Designs to Show Your Bond: Show your sisterly love with one of these small symbol tattoo ideas.
  4. Small Symbol Finger Tattoos: Unique and Stylish Ideas: These small symbol tattoos add a touch of personality to your fingers.

When it comes to small symbol tattoos, simplicity is key. Avoid cramming too many small details into a tiny space, as it can result in a “blob” of ink as the tattoo heals.

If you need a larger design, consult with your tattoo artist to determine the best placement and size.

Another option to consider is a jewelry-inspired tattoo design. Many people are getting charm bracelets and ring tattoos as an alternative to the real thing.

Just keep in mind that hand and face tattoos may be visible and could potentially impact your employment opportunities.

If you love the idea of tattoos but don’t want a permanent commitment, consider temporary tattoos from a company like Flash. Their line of small, metallic symbol tattoos can be a fun, commitment-free option.

I hope these ideas help you find the perfect symbol tattoo that’s meaningful and stylish for you.

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