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Body art is now one of the most popular and upcoming fields in the world today. Body art includes tattooing, piercing, and other forms of self-expression on one’s body. The body is used as a canvas to emblazon one’s own symbol of creative free spirit and individuality upon. Piercing especially is becoming more and more common nowadays, with the majority of teenagers and adults alike choosing to get some or the other area of their body pierced for many different reasons. One such area is the septum, and a piercing in the septum is often used in conjunction with this jewelry.

Septum Jewelry

Septum Piercing

The septum which is pierced is most commonly the nasal septum, which is the fleshy area between your nostrils. Most often, the fleshy area is pierced, and then after the healing period is complete, a professional should be contacted to place a favorite piece of septum jewelry in the pierced hole. Most often, this piece of jewelry passes around the outer edge of the nasal septum, allowing breathing space to the wearer and also allowing the wearer to show off his or her brand new jewelry and piercing for full effect.

Thus, those who like to and dare to show off love to wear rings in their nasal septum, while those who have to work in a professional environment can opt for septum retainers, which are very discreet. The good thing about septum retainers is that they keep the pierced hole patent, while the not so good part is the fact that these are not very visible, and so can take the glamor out of the whole idea of the piercing. A seasoned user of septum jewelry will easily be able to switch from septum retainers in the day to freely hanging rings in the evenings.

Types Of Septum Jewelry

Septum jewelry is available in other forms too. Segment rings, bead rings, horseshoe retainers, omega-shaped retainers are just some of the more popular designs apart from traditional rings and retainers. Septum spikes are also available and are gaining in popularity with time. Other options in the design are septum tusks and septum curls.

The Materials

Septum jewelry is available in a variety of materials, both metallic as well as nonmetallic. Popular metals include pure metals including gold and silver as well as alloys like titanium. Stainless steel looks good and is affordable too. Gold and silver plated jewelry are also available. The nonmetallic materials which are used to make septum earrings are wood, casein, and glass. The glass used is usually good quality soda lime glass, which is nonporous and easy to use and clean. The range of colors is very wide, especially for glass septum jewelry. Colors range from gold, silver and steel gray, to bright pinks, blues, green, red and black. Titanium jewelry is unique because of the fact that although it is available in its original sleek silvery color, titanium jewelry can come in as many colors as there are available in the palette of the jewelry designer.

Septum Rings: Yay or Nay?

Septum Rings: Yay or Nay?
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Move over ear cuff! There’s an edgy jewelry trend on the rise that we simply can’t ignore. Nose piercings are moving front and center, and fashion tastemakers are taking note.

Unlike the oversized, bull-style piercing one might have envisioned in the past, today’s septum rings err on the side of delicate and, dare we say, feminine. Celebs and fashionistas from the over-the-top (Rihanna & Lady Gaga) to the understated (Jessica Biel & Scar Jo) have been spotted rocking septum rings, proving just how versatile they can be.

While some—like Song of Style’s Aimee Song—have committed to the piercing, others are opting for temporary, clip-on styles. Vogue’s Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis dabbled in the latter for the magazine’s April issue when she asked seven luxury jewelry designers to craft their spin on the style for her to test out.

We’re pretty torn here at Blufashion, so we want to know from you: septum rings, yay or nay?

What celebrities have a septum piercing?

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