Are you looking for a tattoo idea that celebrates your transitions? Perhaps it’s time to let go of all your notions about body art. There are plenty of ideas that will help you fall in love with tattoos, no matter how much you may change in a lifetime.

Just like the passage of spring into summer and summer into fall, tattoos often signify great changes in life’s paths. Some people get tattoos for memorial reasons.

Selecting Right Tattoo
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Whether to honor a family member or friend or even a major life change and accomplishment, memorial tattoos have a sentimental value about them that makes the tribute all the more meaningful. If you’re hesitating about the idea of tattoos, there may be several things going on. First, you may be uncertain of your first tattoo commitment.

(And this is wise to be, as they are intended to be permanent.) While there are several things you can do if you aren’t thrilled with your body art, from laser tattoo removal to cover-up tattoos, there is simply no reason you should enter a tattoo studio with a tattoo idea that will be questionable or short-lived over time. Tattoos can certainly be fashionable, but you should perhaps buy a new pair of shoes or apparel if you want to make a fashion statement? Tattoos can also reflect current trends in entertainment, as well. From sports teams to music, to zombie tattoos, at that. You just have to have the brains to know what represents you, when the trends die out. Here are a few things to consider.

Changing Your Tattoo Ideas

1. Your personality: All too often, people get tattoos that are currently all the rage. When horror tattoos go in and out of vogue, many people hop on the bus and get inked with their favorite version of Frankenstein. What may be worse is having that monster expose himself during potential job interviews or social situations later.

Sure, you can love tattoos, but for now, you need to be open-minded to the way the world currently works. Many tattoos will affect your chances of gaining employment. So be sure you really want a bloody zombie. And know your potential employer may run scared.

2. Artist selection: Speaking of horror stories, artist selection can be a scary process. Many people want what they want when they want it. If you aren’t diligent in researching your artist, you may end up with a tattoo that will not evolve with you over time. After all, who wants to live with shoddy ink?

3. Poor Placement: Tattoo placement is a huge consideration. Heed the experience of those before you. Lower back tattoos (known as tramp stamps) got their reputation perhaps unfairly, but they are still known as tramp stamps- and most gals try to cover them up. Be careful of “sexy” placement ideas. Today, those trendy placements include under breast tattoos, butt tattoos, and rib cage designs.

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If you truly want a tattoo that changes with you over your lifetime, you can’t expect to ink something trendy, nor find your artist quickly. It’s wonderful you are considering body art. Tattoos are a beautiful expression, especially when inked by a professional who loves his job and is passionate about the challenge. You can make your mark less regrettable by spending the time to analyze tattoo art styles, learn what the different types of them are, and then find artists that specialize in that particular niche. From there, meet your artist first. Book a consultation, and ask her to draw up a custom tattoo based on all the things that are important to you. While these steps will prolong the permanent process, they’ll ensure your tattoos are worthy of the lifetime trip ahead. You only have one skin. Don’t be so quick to define it.

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