Is summer your favorite season? Do you spend your weekdays counting down until you can finally hit the beach? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, seashell tattoos will probably be right up your alley. They’re cute, dainty, and celebrate our love of the beach.

If you’re considering getting your own shell ink, there are so many styles to choose from. You can select a rainbow design, or you can go for a minimalist one with a simple linework style. And then, there is the placement of the tattoo to consider. If you’re looking for some ideas, get inspired by these 13 sweet seashell tattoo ideas:

1. Embellished Shell

Talk about transporting us to the beach. It was very clever to use the shell as a frame for the sunset.

2. Shell and Palm Tree

What is the perfect compliment to a seashell besides a wave? A palm tree, of course.

3. Black Conch

Notice the way that the sand is falling out from the inside of the conch shell? How cute is that?

4. Shell and Sunset

The entire composition of this is so clever—bonus points for the wave tattoo on the wrist.

5. Gray Shell

Are you looking for something a bit more than linework or dotwork, but you don’t want to go for a full-on rainbow look? This gray gradient is a brilliant idea.

6. Dotwork Conch

A black dotwork design allows the details of the conch shell to really come through.

7. Little Mermaid Purple Shell

Calling all Little Mermaid fans. Here’s a way to incorporate a classic line from the movie into your ink. Also, note the placement of the tat on the thigh.

8. Purple and Blue Shell

Are you looking to get a sternum tattoo that you can show off in your bikini? Remember this one.

9. Multicolored Shell and Flowers

Don’t be scared about adding some color to your design. While you’re doing that, you can also consider adding some flowers into it.

10. Red Shell

Unleash your inner mermaid with a shell tattoo on your sternum. It’s probably a better idea than attempting to wear a shell bra.

11. Shell Holding Flowers

This tattoo might be small and minimalist, but everything has been thought out, from the placement to the design to the lines.

12. Turquoise Shell

Are you a fan of adorable, dainty tattoos? You’re going to like this girly turquoise seashell.

13. Oyster

There is some major detail going on in this shell design.

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