One of the most exciting parts of getting the upper ears pierced is thinking about all of the interesting rook piercing jewelry that will be available to you.

Rook piercing jewelry
What is the best jewelry for a rook piercing?

What Kinds of Rook Piercing Jewelry Exist?

The several options available to you when looking for rook piercing jewelry. The most commons forms take the shape of the barbell and the ring.

Because of the time, it takes for a rook piercing to heal (up to a year), it is crucial you pay special attention to the initial piece that you have inserted. You will be forced to wear this piece for a substantial amount of time, and removing it while your wound is still healing can be dangerous.

One major reason piercees are compelled to remove their jewelry before the healing process is complete is due to complications that may arise. The two most commons ailments are infection and keloids. Removing a stud or ring while suffering from an infection is dangerous because it closes up the only outlet from which pus and other discharge would drain. When you remove your jewel, the hole will close up quickly, trapping inside your flesh the infection. This can lead to serious consequences, not limited to the infection getting worse and resisting treatment and the collapse of the cartilage.

Removing a jewel because of keloids is not nearly as troublesome as removing one during infections, but it is also not advisable. A keloid is caused by the body producing excess collagen, or scar tissue. This results in raised bumps that are unsightly and slightly painful. The best course of action for this affliction is to continue with the care process. Taking out piercings may temporarily alleviate the problem, but you will most likely encounter it again if you choose to become pierced again.

How To Choose Rook Piercing Jewelry

As explained previously, choosing which piece you will first wear upon being pierced is an important decision because you will be stuck with the jewels for quite some time. Ideally, you should elect to go with a barbell as these are less irritating than other forms. The cartilage is extremely sensitive, and even with the utmost care, a ring may still turn within the hole, which will cause pain. A barbell, on the other hand, will stay in one place, reducing discomfort and helping to cut down on healing time.

cute rook piercing jewelry
Cute rook piercing jewelry.

Of course, the decision for what kind of stud or ring you’d like to be outfitted with is completely up to you. Some people do not mind suffering a bit if it means that they will immediately be able to have a look they desire. Others are more concerned with doing whatever it takes to allow piercings to heal quickly and easily. In the long run, the latter form of thinking is the best way to go. Once your new body art has had a chance to completely mend itself, you will have an unlimited amount of rook piercing jewelry to choose from, so there is no need to rush for something bothersome at the beginning.

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