Each and every woman on this planet is blessed with unique facial features that make one different from the other. From an oval-shaped face with big eyes to a heart-shaped face with a sharp chin, no two faces resemble each other completely. Perfect body jewelry plays an important role when it comes to enhancing the look of these beautiful faces. Choosing the jewelry pieces according to one’s face shape is very important to accentuate the features perfectly. In this article, we will tell you which and how to choose the right piercing jewelry designs as per your face shape. Read on to know more:

Here’s a summary of what piercings suit each face shape:

  1. Heart-Shaped Face: These are best suited for elongated curve ear jewelry. Examples include chandeliers, long teardrop earrings, and dangles. Short necklaces and chokers work well, along with small nose pins for nose jewelry.
  2. Oval Face: You can choose wide chandeliers, large studs, and variously shaped earrings. For example, oval, triangular, and teardrop earrings are options. Any style or shape of necklace is suitable, as are both small and large hoops for nose jewelry.
  3. Round Face: Circular-shaped ear jewelry like hoops and drop/dangling earrings with round pieces are ideal. Longer necklaces are recommended, avoiding collars and chokers. For nose jewelry, half-hoops and dainty pins are a good choice.
  4. Diamond Face: Wide chandelier or tassel earrings are perfect. Collar or princess-length necklaces can help balance facial features. Subtly-sized nose pins are ideal for nose jewelry.
  5. Square Face: Earrings with round edges, like hoop earrings, round studs, or long oval-shaped earrings, are recommended. Chokers or circular necklaces are suitable for neck jewelry. Small diamond studs work well for nose piercings.
  6. Oblong/Rectangular Face: Round-shaped earrings such as small studs, large hoops, or short dangle earrings are suitable. Collar necklaces and chokers are ideal for oval face shapes. A variety of nose jewelry, from delicate pins to hoops, also suit this face shape.

This guide helps in choosing piercing jewelry that complements different face shapes. It also accentuates their unique features.

Piercing jewelry Designs Your Face Shape

1. Heart-Shaped Face

In this face shape, the forehead is wide with equally defined cheekbones. The chin is pointed, and the jawline resembles the shape of a heart. Women with heart-shaped faces look best in-ear jewelry that has elongated curves. Go for designs such as chandeliers, long teardrop earrings, and dangles. For necklaces, choose short necklaces that will diminish the sharpness of your chin. Chokers and bold pendants on a short necklace are ideal. For nose jewelry, opt for small nose pins.

2. Oval Face

An oval-shaped face is characterized by wide cheekbones and jawline and a forehead with almost the same width. Also, the jawline possesses some roundness. Women with oval face shapes can opt for wide chandeliers, large studs, and oval, triangular, and teardrop earrings. For the neck, they can choose any style or shape of necklaces such as long pearl necklaces, low-hanging necklaces, and chokers. For their nose jewelry, both small and giant hoops would look great.

3. Piercings for Round Face

This shape is characterized by a wide and round jawline, and the face has the same length and width, which imitates that of a circle. If you have a round face, wear ear jewelry pieces with a circular shape like hoops. Drop and dangling earrings with the round pieces will look great on you. Select longer, looping necklaces and avoid collar, chokers, and princess-length necklaces. For nose jewelry, you can opt for half-hoops and dainty pins.

4. Diamond Face

This face shape resembles a diamond. That is, it comprises a narrow and long jawline. The forehead is narrower as compared to cheekbones, and the face is longer than it is wide. For diamond face shapes, wide chandelier or tassel earrings would be perfect choices. In terms of necklaces, one can opt for any shape or size. However, consider collar or princess necklace length necklaces to downplay the face accentuate the sharp facial features with more modern styles. In nose jewelry, go for subtly-size nose pins.

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5. Square Face

Known for its strong angles, this face-shaped is characterized by a strong, angular jawline and square-shaped chin. Women with square-shaped faces should wear earrings with round edges like hoop earrings, round studs, or long oval-shaped earrings. In necklaces, they can opt for chokers or circular necklaces without heavy focal components. And when it is about piercing jewelry for the nose, go for small diamond studs.

6. An Oblong/Rectangular face

This face shape has a narrow width and more length with straight sides and cheeks and pointy chin. If you have an oblong/rectangular face, wear round-shaped earrings like small studs, large hoops, or short dangle earrings. In terms of necklaces, collar necklaces and chokers will be an ideal choice. Talking about nose jewelry, everything from delicate nose pins to hoops will look perfect on you.


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