Perfect Tattoo Shop in Long Island

You’ve been contemplating on getting a tat for months, you finally decided on a design and now you have to choose the perfect tattoo shop where you’ll get tatted. Finding a credible studio isn’t an easy task.

Many tattoo parlors promise to provide excellently gorgeous ink, only to provide a horrendous result that’s permanently stuck to someone’s body. With body ink increasing in popularity, more ink shops are popping up everywhere than hairdressers. With such a huge variety to choose from, how do you make the right decision in choosing?

Here is an expert guideline on finding the perfect tattoo studio when you’re in the Long Island area.


It’s easier to sift out the bad from the good when you are aware of the risks. When you get inked by someone who isn’t professionally trained, you might end up with horrendous after-effects.

Remember that skin ink machines prick the first layer of the skin, then it inserts tiny ink drops underneath it. At some points, needles might prick a little bit too far and blood can appear. No anesthesia is used and it can be quite painful.

Because needles are involved you are at risk of getting some skin-related medical issues. Especially when unsanitary needles are used, or when the working bench of the studio is filthy. Contaminated ink is also the main cause of many skin conditions incurred by tatting. As some inks contain solvent and harmful metals that aren’t approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

It is beneficial to know about the side effects and risks of getting a tattoo at the wrong studio.


A professional tattoo shop will have a great amount of sanitary and hygiene rules and regulations set in place. As a trained artist will also know the risks of using dirty equipment.

Visit the shop to have a quick look at their hygiene standards. Be aware of the following health regulations within studios:

  • Needles should be taken from sealed packets and containers
  • Artists should wear disposable gloves and throw them in the trash after each client
  • Pigment trays should be fresh and new
  • Sterilization machines should be on-site to clean tools and equipment (this doesn’t include needles, but only expensive equipment that can’t be thrown away)
  • A special dustbin for bloody tissues and wipes
  • A sterilization solution that is used to clean tables, chairs, and countertops. Typically made from beach-based disinfectants.
  • Ink that is of high quality and approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration services

If the shop appears to be filthy, no matter if it’s the reception area or the bathroom, then run for the hills.

Tattoo Safety And Hygiene


Just like in any specialized profession, a true artist has to be properly trained. This doesn’t mean that the tattooist must have won a variety of inking prizes, as long as they are fully licensed, fully trained, and have a clear list of happy clients – then good!

There’s a variety of ink competitions and tattoo shows in and around the Long Island area. You’ll be able to witness some of the greatest tattooists in action, inking amazing designs on some lucky people. Grab a few contact cards while you’re there and follow up after the show.

Great tattoo artists usually flock together. Some shops even train other artists to be just as skilled as they are. When you find a credible shop, there’ll probably be others just as skilled working there as the guy who originally found the place.

When the founder is excellent, it’s almost a given that his understudies will also be. There are requirements for becoming a tattoo artist that they need to abide.


Don’t compromise quality for a more affordable price. When you want to add something permanently onto your body, it’s better to invest in a professional tattoo studio that will be able to provide you with great results.

Usually, that means paying a little bit extra than going to a less skilled artist.


A credible studio will have freely available examples of their work. Check out their website, Facebook profile, or Instagram page. There should be a decent trail of the studio’s work listed somewhere.

After all, the proof is in the pudding, and it’s important that their work speaks just as loud as their advertisements. Don’t just look at current work, make sure you check out all sketches from the past to look at their improvement and versatility.


Some tattoo studios have a few artists that bring different skills to the table. An excellent studio will have artists that can provide different styled tattoos. This is to appeal to a wider range of clients. It’s almost impossible for one artist to be able to master all kinds of tattoo styles.

Therefore, a studio needs at least 2 artists that offer different stylization.

Tattoo Variation


Professional tattoo studios will have an organized booking system. In order for them to stay on top of their schedules and accommodate their many clients. Any shop that has a decent booking and scheduling system – is worth your time.


Getting inked in a low-lit room in someone’s basement is never a good idea. Excellent tattoo shops in Long Island will usually be located in a busy street or a well-established area. Not only is this an indication of the popularity of the shop, but also of its success.

The shop’s layout is also something that you can look into. Most credible studios have a clear window that showcases the reception area and artwork on the walls, showing that they have nothing to hide. Then a private area where the tattooists actually ink.

Remember that the choice of getting a tattoo still lies completely with you, but the perfect studio will be able to heighten your experience. When you consider the above-mentioned guidelines, you’ll be able to track down the perfect tattoo shop in Long Island.

A studio that guarantees a satisfying outcome.

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