Peacock Feather Tattoos

The beautiful peacock feather tattoo and designs, which have been around for a long time, have a great legend and a large number of myths behind them.

While some of these tattoos are associated with bad omens and negative vibes, some cultures regard the peacock tattoo as sacred and a symbol of deities.

However, leaving the peacock feather tattoo symbolism out, the amazing peacock tattoos and designs have found a huge audience all over the world. The amazing colors, designs, and patterns that are available as peacock tattoo feathers cannot be matched by any other design. The sheer number of styles that can be pulled off through the peacock feather tattoos are well above other conventional tattoo designs.

Peacock feather tattoo designs have been popular all over the world for at least a millennium. The peacock though often thought of in a feminine manner is actually the male of the peafowl family. His less fancy female is called a peahen. The peacock is most known for its luxurious tail of green gold and blue that fans out exposing what looks like small eyes on the feathers’ tips. The tail of the peacock is its most noticeable feature and the reason for its enduring use as a tattoo design.

Peacock Tattoo Meaning

Peacock Tattoo Meaning

A peacock tattoo is essentially about the feather of the peacock, a sign which gets a mixed response across the world. Some people regard a peacock feather with a lot of respect and veneration, while some others think that it is an evil sign and decry it completely.

If you wish to get one peacock feather tattoo on your skin, you should take a close look at the peacock feather symbolism that is prevalent across the world.

What Does a Peacock Tattoo Symbolize

The peacock tattoo meaning varies with the culture and you would find that different cultures have different interpretations about the peacock tattoo feather. Starting on a positive note, you have the Asian countries like China and India which have high regard for the peacock feather tattoo.

  • The Chinese culture has a royal place for the peacock feather and in the past, the peacock feather has been linked with high military prowess and skill.
  • In India, the peacock feather tattoo is considered to be a mark of god as the peacock has religious significance for the Hindus.
  • The Buddhist culture views the peacock feather tattoo with respect and it is said that the feathers of the peacock comprise of several divine eyes, which watch your actions and your conscience.
  • Christians have regarded a peacock feather tattoo with veneration and it is believed that the flesh of a peacock is incorruptible.
  • However, the European culture does not view the peacock feather tattoo as a friendly mark and it said that the it represents an evil eye and is met with skepticism.

If you wish to get a peacock feather tattoo on your body, you need to remember this peacock tattoo meaning and take a decision accordingly.

What Does the Peacock Symbolize in China?

The Chinese culture is probably the culture most often associated with the peacock as a tattoo design. In ancient China, the peacock was a symbol of high military rank and was most often associated with men of great honor and committed service to their country. The symbol of the peacock also plays prominently in Buddhism with the peacocks’ tail feather “eyes” representing an ever-watching consciousness. This ever-watching “eyes ” concept is also the reason some Christian groups have reportedly used the symbol.

What Does a Peacock Symbolize in India?

Though less prominent as a tattoo design the peacock nonetheless plays a great role in Indian society. Thousands of peacocks can be found in Indian temples where they are prized not so much for their beauty as their legendary prowess as snake killers. Hindu legend holds that the descendants of Shiva road on the backs of peacocks and peacock feathers were worn in the hairs of Krishna, so the peacock does have symbolic meaning in India.

What do peacock feather tattoos symbolize in America?

The modern American use for the peacock tattoo generally has more to do with gang affiliation than with any other oriental symbolism. The use of the peacock as a prison tattoo goes back to at the least the nineteen fifties and is generally used to use symbolize prison time with each feather representing a year. These tattoos were done in black using crude techniques that nonetheless often resulted in strikingly beautiful tattoo work.

Peacock Tattoo Ideas

Peacock Tattoo Ideas

After you are done with the initial brooding over the peacock feather meaning, you need to check out the different peacock feather tattoo designs that are popular these days.

You can easily get a peacock feather tattoo on your foot, or on your shoulder, without worrying about the hidden symbolism.

The best place for getting peacock feather tattoo ideas is at a trusted tattoo parlor. If you have had a liaison with tattoo artists in the past, you would find that the tattoo ideas are not hard to come by and some tattoo artists can provide you with the best designs.

You just need to make sure that a peacock tattoo would not create a problem in your culture as your elders might not like to see you wearing the so-called ‘evil eye’.

Some peacock tattoos on the back are also getting popular these days and you can think about getting one of those.

Small Feather Tattoo Designs

Small Feather Tattoo Designs

Below you will find small peacock feather tattoo designs. Peacock feathers are often paired with other images such as hearts and banners. Banner tattoos are very popular as they allow the tattoo recipient to place the name of a loved one in the banner or ribbon. Often these tattoos are used as memorial pieces.

Peacock feather tattoos need not be big. When one thinks of tattoo designs often the mind drips to full back pieces and sleeves, but the truth is the majority of tattoos done are small taking less than an hour to complete. These smaller peacock feather tattoo designs are most often thought of as tattoos for females or girls. While the full peacock body tattoo is often thought of as more masculine.

Old School Feather Designs

Old School Feather Designs

Old school peacock feather tattoo designs are perhaps most often thought of as a prison tattoo with the feathers of the peacock representing a year in prison.

The history of the peacock in American tattooing dates back further than these prison roots as the peacock was a popular tattoo design choice in the early 1900s. The symbolism of these early American peacock tattoos has more to do with the peacock history as a majestic and proud bird.

The tattoo ideas represented here show peacock feathers in flames and also with banners and crosses.

The peacock tattoo design need not be plain and can be coupled with any variety of images including lightning bolts and the ever-popular flower tattoo designs.

Girly Peacock Feather Designs

Girly Tattoo Designs

Peacock feather tattoo designs created specifically for women can be found below. Roses and hearts are often thought of as classic female tattoo design ideas as they symbolize love but do not have any specific meaning. The peacock feather blends well with these images as its general meaning is often thought of as feminine and beautiful.

The small feather tattoo designs are good for a woman’s foot or wrist and many females find these small tattoo designs are often more palatable for females as the time requirements are less and the pain involved will be considerably smaller as the time to complete is less. The cherry blossom tattoo design is also often included with the peacock feather as well roses and many other flowers.

Peacock Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos for Girls

Even though the peacock is a sign of royalty and high military prowess in some cultures, the peacock tattoos for females are much more popular than the different peacock feather tattoo designs for men. This is major because of the feminine nature of the peacock tattoo and the incorruptible beauty of the peacock feathers.

The combinations of green, golden, and mild blues ensure that the peacock feather tattoos for girls are much better than other different designs that are available these days.

The prospective places of getting a peacock feather tattoo can be observed by looking at some of the common peacock tattoo pictures. You would find that women love to get a small feather tattoo on their backs and ankles.

Peacock tattoo on back is also quite common among girls these days and some women are going for the small peacock feather tattoos on their arms too. If you wish to hop on to the bandwagon, you can simply look at the different options that you have for getting a tattoo.

Lower Back Feather Tattoo Designs

Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Lower back tattoo designs have been popular with females for many years. Often the placement of the tattoo will be directly in the middle of the back which requires the tattoo to be symmetrical.

Below you will find peacock feather tattoo designs that are designed especially for the lower back and designed to fit a woman’s body perfectly.

Lower back designs are often painful to get as the time required to apply them can be long. The lower back tattoo design is often hard for the tattoo artist to stretch and for this reason, extra time must be planned.

The peacock feather tattoo ideas represented can all be used as a basis for which to begin designing a tattoo. Given these basic tattoo designs to start a talented artist can turn your ideas into the perfect piece of art.

The peacock feather tattoo designs you find on this website are meant to be used as a starting point to finding the correct tattoo design. No free tattoo design website can provide a finished product only the inspiration and the spark of an idea.

Quotes and Phrases for Feather Tattoos

Quotes and Phrases for Feather Tattoos

Adding a simple verse to a feather tattoo is one way to add more beauty to an already elegant tattoo design. Script and font tattoos are demure yet make a statement. They can be a very wise choice if you want a tattoo but aren’t a fan of images or portrait-style designs.

The following popular verses, along with a brief description as to what they mean or how they may relate to a feather tattoo, may help inspire your tattoo script.

Perhaps you are a romantic or an adventurer at heart? Let your imagination soar and consider the following feather quote phrase tattoo ideas, and add a small yet significant sentiment of meaning to your body art.

  1. All good things are wild and free: This simple verse says it all.
  2. My angels are with me: To honor a loved one or a spiritual being.
  3. Live, laugh, love: Don’t forget what matters!
  4. Never give up: A good reminder to stay strong.
  5. Not all who wander are lost: In fact, they may have a better view.
  6. Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today: Tomorrow is never promised!
  7. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge: Find peace in the Lord.
  8. “Write to empty the mind.” -Lord Byron: Add a feathered quill pen if you’re a writer.
  9. Free yourself: Don’t be confined.
  10. Make the change: Change is up to you!
  11. What’s past is prologue: It’s over.
  12. Carpe Diem: Seize the day!
  13. There is always hope: Always.
  14. Someday, I’ll fly away: With these wings…
  15. Sometimes you’ve gotta fall before you fly: You’ll get there!
  16. She flies by her own wings: And they’re quite fancy.
  17. Forever young: We all are.
  18. Wanderlust: It’s a beautiful thing to wander.
  19. Follow me: I’ll take the lead.
  20. Don’t cage me in: My soul must sing.
  21. Home is where your heart is: And wherever you nest.
  22. Dream: Very big.
  23. There, but for the grace of God, go I: Carry on.
  24. Hakuna Matata: No worries.
  25. You give my heart wings: So I can soar.
  26. “It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.” – Aesop: It’s the bird.
  27. Feathers appear when angels are near: Sweet thought about angels.
  28. Free yourself, live your dreams: Your life. Live it.
  29. Life is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain: Find your purpose.
  30. “Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul.” – E. Dickinson: Hope floats.
  31. “I’m a feather for each wind that blows.”- William Shakespeare: I’m always changing.
  32. Feather by feather the goose is plucked: It will get done.
  33. Birds of a feather flock together: Same kind, like mind.
  34. The eagle’s fate and mine are one: United.
  35. Someday I’ll fly away: I may not come back.
  36. Listen to all, plucking a feather from each passing goose, but, follow no one: Listen, don’t take advice.
  37. The day I learn to fly, I’m never coming down: Challenge yourself!
  38. When the world says give up, hope whispers, try one more time: Believe.
  39. “I am not that feather to shake off.”- William Shakespeare: Don’t let me go, in the romance of Shakespeare.
  40. Rooster today, feather duster tomorrow: Be humble.
  41. A willing heart adds feather to the heel: Be open-minded to receive blessings.
  42. No matter how high a feather goes up, it must come down: Everything that goes up, always comes down.
  43. Be extraordinary: Go ahead.
  44. Be the one to guide me: I might follow.
  45. Take these broken wings and learn to fly: Piece yourself back together.
  46. A feather in the wind: Passing beauty.
  47. Follow that star: Reach for the stars when you seek feather or wing tattoo quote inspirations. Books, poetry and famous verses can serve as the beginning to a very meaningul tattoo design. Once you’ve found the right feather phrase, you can begin planning the tattoo design, and you may even decide to opt for a flock of birds or a wing design, rather than a single feather.
  48. We shall never part: Lovebirds.

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