12 Inspirational Patriotic Tattoos To Celebrate The Fourth Of July

Happy almost Fourth of July, everyone! Just as we celebrated the end of Game of Thrones Season 4 and our love for books, we are now going to get excited once more with some amazing patriotic tattoos. As you may be able to guess, there are tons of folks who are deeply devoted to America and all things Americana, so it only makes sense that plenty of them would dedicate an entire section of their skin to it. Let’s pay tribute to them paying tribute, shall we?

1. American Bicep

american flag tattoo inside arm

The placement of this black and grey flag tattoo by Josh Gable of Speakeasy Tattoos is excellent, and the shading looks beautiful. It has so much texture and movement.

2. Constitution/Iwo Jima Memorial Sleeve

patriotic forearm sleeve tattoos

If you are searching to find inspiration for a tattoo that mixes remembrance and history, this is an incredible inspiration.

3. Eagle & Flag Chest Piece

Eagle & Flag Chest Piece

This stunning vintage chest piece and full sleeves set is just about as patriotic as a person’s upper body can get. Also, does he kind of look like Eminem, or is that just me?

4. Captain America Shield

Captain America Shield Tattoo

This geeky Avengers tattoo perfectly blends geeky affections for Captain America with a solid amount of patriotism. Plus, look how well it’s executed!

5. Bald Eagle & Crest

Bald Eagle and Crest Tattoo

This striking tattoo by Shaun Washburn utilizes both a traditional image of America with the flag’s colors, stars, and stripes. I imagine this person will get quite a few high fives tomorrow.

6. Made In The USA

Made In The USA Tattoo

Stamp of approval.

7. Stars & Birds

Stars and Birds Patriotic Tattoos

I’m normally not a huge fan of star tattoos, but I really love the way this one gives a little glimpse at a bald eagle.

8. P!nk’s Ankle Tattoo

Pink's Ankle Tattoo
Photo: Joe Phet/Pacific Coast News

It’s hard to see here (I promise I’ll swap this out if I find a better photo), but P!nk has an ankle tattoo of dog tags for her father and brother.

9. Purple Heart

Purple Heart Tattoo

This Purple Heart tattoo is so vibrant, vivid, and stunning to look at. It’s on the wearer’s chest, which makes me wish we could see it zoomed out because I bet it is even more lovely when seen in full.

10. Live, Laugh, Love

Live Laugh Love Tattoo

This is a cute and creative tattoo that shows off the wearer’s dedication to both America and to remember the past.

11. American Flag

American Flag Tattoo

I can’t believe how beautiful and three-dimensional this American flag tattoo is.

12. We The People…

2nd Amendment Tattoo

Adding the words of the Constitution over top the flag makes for a stunning patriotic tattoo by Mike McMahon at All or Nothing Tattoo.

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