Tattoos and Body Piercings – Neck Tattoos Designs & Ideas

Are you considering neck tattoos? This placement area is often considered one of the most prominent, besides the hands and the face. Opting for a neck tattoo is a very serious decision, and you should not only consider the design but your future in the planning of the tattoo.

Neck Tattoos
Neck Tattoos. Getty Images Carlos A. Moment Collection.

First things first, many employers shun visible tattoos. Although acceptance is slowly gaining, it seems once we take one step forward we also take two steps back. Consider the most recent modification to the military, and how anyone enlisting in the services cannot have tattoos that are below the elbow, on the face, or neck.

Employment and future plans should be a priority to you. That does mean that you should not fulfill your wishes to be expressive, just be forewarned that there may be greater consequences down the road if you don’t consider how your tattoo may affect employment opportunities.

If you have an artistic career, you are much more likely to feel comfortable with this tattoo placement than someone working in a more traditional corporate environment.

With that said, neck tattoos can be straight-up sexy. Take a look at a few design styles that look pretty sweet in this kissable spot.

Neck Tattoos on Men

The following neck tattoo ideas for men are swoon-worthy:

  • For lovers: Tattooed lip kiss
  • Insects such as spiders
  • Religious and cross tattoos

Neck Tattoos on Women

So you want to be a gangster? OK maybe not really, as neck tattoos on women are also becoming quite popular and are losing some of the traditional stereotypes. To keep your femininity while wearing a neck tattoo, consider the following design styles:

Flowers such as black and grey roses

  • Organic wildflowers
  • Princess crowns and jewels
  • Lolita inspired bows
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Cameo and other necklace pieces

Why Do People Wear Neck Tattoos?

Are you on the other side of the fence, wondering why someone would even opt for a neck tattoo placement? Sure tattoos are permanent and even more so when placed in such a visible area, but that doesn’t mean they are a mistake in the making.

Neck tattoos look cool, tough, and can help draw attention to some of your more attractive features. If you have a beautiful swan-line neck, you may want to envelop it in ink to add some detail. If you have gorgeous facial features, a neck tattoo will spotlight them and draw attention to your face.

Last, some people like the idea of wearing a tattoo in the line of jewelry. This is a very common placement for jewelry-inspired tattoos, such as necklaces, chokers, and other Steampunk-inspired tattoo designs.

Should You Get a Neck Tattoo?

As we move forward into the popular and diverse world of body art, you can expect many more people to opt for neck tattoo placement.

Should you join their ranks? I personally would suggest you tattoo a few other places first just to get comfortable with your designs and ensure that you want to make that serious of a commitment. Then once you’ve found the perfect design idea, you can put your neck out there and go for it.

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