Morbid and Horror Tattoos
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“Now, if you could just chop off her head… that would be great.”

Just like a train wreck, horror and morbid theme tattoos can be quite fascinating to look at. From the gore, violence, death, and decay, there’s a little something for everyone except for the squeamish.

Are you the type who likes morbid tattoos, and should we check your freezer just in case?

Here’s a look inside the mind of a serial morbid tattoo collector.

  • The Who.
  • The What.
  • The Why.

And the…(where is he?)

Why People Like Morbid Tattoos

Why People Like Morbid Tattoos
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Some people find a strange satisfaction looking at gory images and tattoos.

Horror and gore tattoos are exciting and can really get the adrenaline pumping. Others find this dark outlet as a way to find empathy and, as odd as it seems, an appreciation for life. Then there are those horror tattoo collectors that appreciate brutal and gore tattoos because they visually depict scenes and situations that will never happen in real life, and that alone can be thrilling.

There are many reasons people like morbid and horror theme tattoos, but one thing is certain you either love them or loathe them. There’s not much space in between.

Types of Morbid Tattoo Designs

Types of Morbid Tattoo Designs
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Most commonly, blood and gore and guts of any sort fit the bill for a morbid tattoo design. Of course, for the movie buff, there are infamous scenes from popular horror movies.

The zombie trend is still walking dead, and many people have turned public figures such as former President Ronald Reagan, actress Marilyn Monroe, and even their wives into zombies.

Flesh-eating insects are yet another choice for a creepy and horrific tattoo design if you’re afraid of maggots and army ants.

Will You Regret Your Morbid Tattoos?

After you’re dead, it won’t matter much that you inked a morbid tribute of some sort on your body.

However, during the living years and throughout certain periods of your life, you may look back at that zombie tattoo with regret, and it will still be there haunting you.

I believe it’s very important to consider lifestyle, employment, relationships, and future goals before opting for a morbid tattoo.

(And not to be morbid, but we often attract what we focus on.)

Finding a Morbid Horror Tattoo Artist

Morbid Horror Tattoo Artist
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Finding an artist who specializes in horror and gore tattoos is the first step in avoiding a fatal mistake. Not every artist enjoys working in this genre, while others show up to work in fake, blood-splattered butcher aprons, really dressing the part.

Once you find your artist, you can work together to create a horrific tattoo befit for your worst nightmare, whether that be The Exorcist, Jason, or a beating heart that’s been ripped apart at the seams.

Last but not least, some artists are finding ways to preserve the tattoos of the deceased and turn them into framed art.

If you’re proud of your horror tattoos, why not leave them behind when you depart?

You’ll be skinned, and the remnants will be placed in either shadow boxes on stretched on canvas so all your friends and loved ones can appreciate them long after you’ve bit the dust.

You can check into your state law and contact a taxidermist to inquire about the cost and legality of the skin tanning process.

You’ll want to sign all contracts, waivers, and disclaimers and include your requests in your estate plan and will. This is just something to consider; ya know…while the clock is still ticking.

“Tan me hide when I’m dead, Fred,

Tan me hide when I’m dead.

So we tanned his hide when he died Clyde,

And that’s it hanging on the shed!”

Rolf Harris
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