There’s no shortage of classic Disney tattoos, but Mickey Mouse is a classic and cute tattoo, especially with Minnie Mouse.

There are lots of popular tattoo themes, from Harry Potter ink to cat lover tats. One massively popular group is Disney tattoos. It’s no surprise considering everyone wants everything, Disney, from wedding dresses to baby names to art. Of course, Mickey Mouse tattoos are among the top choices, though if you give it a few more months, Frozen tats will probably rival Mickey. Unlike Elsa, Mickey is a classic tattoo. It makes sense, considering he’s been around since 1928. If you want a timeless Disney tattoo to celebrate your love of all things magical and mouse, you get a Mickey tattoo–and probably include Minnie Mouse.

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Check out 15 magical Mickey Mouse tattoos:

1. Mickey And Minnie Kiss

Mickey Minnie Kiss Tattoo

Look at this and tell me that your heart doesn’t get all warm and fuzzy?

2. Matching Mice

Couples Mickey Minnie Tattoos
Via Tumblr

Yes, these are a couple’s tattoos, and they are still adorable. I wouldn’t be able to decide between the bow and the Fantasia hat, though.

3. Remember The Magic

Remember The Magic Mickey Tattoo

Throw a Harry Potter lightning bolt in there somewhere, and this would be absolutely magical perfection.

4. Dream And Imagine

Mickey Dream Imagine Mickey Mouse Tattoos
Photo: Instagram

The colors in this are breathtaking. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the usual red, black, and white color palette.

5. Mouse Fingers

Disney Finger Tattoos

I don’t know which I like more: the Mickey and Minnie finger tattoos or that sparkly Minnie-inspired manicure.

6. Minnie And Mickey

Minnie Mickey Ankles Tattoo
Via Pinterest

How cute is this placement? I would hem all of my pants into capris so I could always show off Mickey Mouse tat.

7. Mickey Mouse Balloons Tattoo

Mickey Mouse Balloons Tattoo

Balloons with Mickey and Minnie’s faces might have been a bit too much, but this simple design is perfect.

8. Swirly Mickey

Mickey Mouse Back Curvy Tattoo

I love how they have reworked the classic Mickey design. It’s still clear what it is, but it’s unique and very pretty.

9. Mickey Mouse Dream Tattoo

Mickey Mouse Dream Tattoo

This is obvious in a subtle way. You don’t need to have a massive Mickey face across your entire back for people to realize you have a Disney tattoo.

10. Heart

Mickey Heart Tattoo

It’s very cute. If it were a matching couples tattoo, would you still like it, or would it be too cheesy?

11. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Tattoo

This bright pink bow is sweet. I would want to match everything to it, from my shoes to my lipstick.

12. Mickey And Rose

Mickey Mouse Rose Tattoo

You could decorate the inside of the Mickey tattoo with whatever you like, such as a reference to your fave Disney movie. Choose a rose for Beauty And The Beast, and maybe Flounder for The Little Mermaid.

13. Mickey Symbols

Mickey Symbols Tattoos

Bravo for managing to make this look cute and not dismembered. The mouse head would be just as sweet by itself.

14. Minnie Key

Minnie Key Tattoo

It is not mandatory, but if you get a Minnie Mouse tattoo, it is suggested that you always paint your simple Disney nails with red and white polka dots.

15. Rainbow Mickey

Rainbow Mickey Tattoo

Disney is all about fun, so why do a simple black Mickey Mouse tattoo? Embrace every color of the rainbow.

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