Forget the placement, these 5 hot tattoo designs for men are sure to add points to your sex appeal.

While men can be tough and opt for traditional tattoos there’s always room for a little creative inspiration. Have your artist create something custom out of one of these 5 ideas and you’ll be left with something smoldering, long after the pleasure from the pain fades.

1. Snakes

Snakes Tattoo Designs for men
5 Hot Tattoo Designs for Men. Image CC mytat_2s@Flickr

Torn between good and bad? Go for the bad and pick a tattoo design that’s always a slithering success. Snake tattoos can elude many spiritual meanings so don’t limit their designs to just the temptation form. Serpents go around the world depending on their culture and mythology. Consider pairing a snake with the skull to represent immortality. Always a charmer, the snake represents sex, sinister traits, and some of the many traits of the dragon.

2. Dragons

Dragons Tattoo Designs for Men
Tattoo Designs for Men. Image CC micaeltattoo@Flickr.

Mystical beasts you men are, so go ahead and breathe some fire down her back with a dragon tattoo. Wrapped around the chest, arm, leg, or waist, fire down below can be a very, very good thing. Protecting the Buddha and the emperor the dragon has a very important job. If you’re noble, powerful, or possess a sinful level of pride, a dragon may be worthy of your wrath.

3. Tribal

Tribal Tattoos
Image CC mytat_2s@Flickr.

Before adding tribal tattoos to the hot one must understand what authentic tribal tattoos are and how to get the ones that look sexy. Considered a rite of passage, authentic tribal tattoos have many executions. Some tribal forms include chants while others use hand-poked tattoo methods that prove a man to be a courageous and hot beast. You’ll likely have to travel afar or visit a tattoo convention and a world-renowned tribal artist or find one who specializes in tribal work in your area. Tribal flash is available at nearly every tattoo shop and has been seen on forearms and calves for quite some time. While black ink looks masculine on any man, try to add some authenticity to your design and pick a larger spread.

4. Flame Tattoo

Flame Tattoo
Image CC @alviseni

Yes, you’re hot and you know it. Keep the desire burning with a flame tattoo. Whether it be owed to a mysterious fire element astrological sign or just your fearless and haphazard nature, a flame tattoo captures your wild and fiery spirit. Combined with a burning sun, a flame can encompass an entire blazing canvas.

Bright and filled with passion, the five zodiac symbols with the fire element are Aries, Leo, and the lovely and mutable Sagittarius.

Consider adding some fire on your back and forearm and just let it run wild and have your artist use their imagination.

5. Skull Tattoos

Skull Tattoos
Sexy Tattoo Designs for Men. Image CC Ollesvensson@Flickr.

Finally, the last of the 5 hottest tattoos designs for men include the skull. From sugar skulls, rocker, and punk styles to skeleton and pirate crossbones bearing the symbol of poison, a skull is proof that man’s wicked ways will continue to haunt many; long after he’s gone. What could be hotter than that? Got an ego? Put it on your bicep.


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  1. When men first began getting tattoos, they snuck off their military ships at ports and usually chose standard pieces of flash art. Some of these well-known designs included roses, pink-up girl tattoos, tigers, and, of course, heart tattoos honoring Mom. Because the world of art is constantly changing, tattoo styles for men have become personalized, custom, and one-of-a-kind.

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