The passing of a loved one is one of the saddest moments in life. It can cause immense trauma to everyone close to the deceased person. Everyone wants to have them back, but it’s impossible to do that.

But there are ways to lessen the pain and keep the memory of a deceased loved one alive. Pictures, videos, memorial jewelry, statues, or an organization in their name are some things to preserve the memories of loved ones who died. 

Inking your body is another way of keeping your loved ones’ memory alive and close to you. If you aren’t too keen on big imprints on your body, just tiny initials will also do. If you’re curious about the memorial tattoos, you have arrived at the right place, so don’t go anywhere.

30-second summary:

  1. Memorial tattoos serve as a healing form of body art to commemorate loved ones, including family members, friends, and pets, aiding in emotional and mental healing post-loss.
  2. Various design options are available for memorial tattoos, ranging from simple initials to more elaborate and personalized designs, allowing individuals to choose a design that resonates with their memories.
  3. The article provides specific design ideas for memorial tattoos to honor different relationships, such as parents, siblings, grandparents, and sisters, each with unique symbolism and placement suggestions.
  4. Memorial tattoos can become even more unique and meaningful by incorporating significant dates, quotes, or even the deceased person’s ashes in the tattoo ink.
  5. The choice between black and grey or colored tattoos depends on personal preference, with both styles offering a unique aesthetic appeal, though colored tattoos tend to be more expensive.
  6. The article emphasizes that regardless of the design size or cost, the essence of a memorial tattoo lies in the emotional tribute and the enduring memory of the loved one it represents.
  7. The article encourages readers to explore memorial tattoos as a beautiful, expressive, and therapeutic way to cope with loss, pay tribute, and keep the memory of loved ones alive.

What’s A Memorial Tattoo?

Memorial Tattoos: Eternal Designs Honoring Precious Memories
Memorial Tattoos: Unveiling Healing Artistry for the Heart. (Photograph:

It’s a form of body art inked in the memory of a loved one, and it can be for anyone, including family members, friends, and pets. These tattoos are an exceptional way to heal from the emotional and mental wounds after losing a family member, friend, or pet. 

Tattoos can also be a way to keep loved ones close to you after they’re gone. Once you have a mark in their memory, it will always remind you of them. But while you miss them, it won’t be so painful as before.

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What Is A Tattoo For Someone Who Passed Away?

Hummingbird tattoo on flower with text "I Love You Very Much. Pop. Lots of Love."
(Photograph: tattoos_by_katt/Instagram).

A tattoo made for a deceased loved one is called a memorial tattoo or remembrance tattoo. Depending on your preference or the design, you can opt for memorial tattoos, small or big. 

But no matter what the size, memorial tattoos for loved ones are meaningful. They tell how much that person or pet in whose memory you made the tattoo meant to you.

What Is A Good Tattoo For A Memorial?

Bee tattoo on honeycomb with dates "5.29.1960 1.10.2023"
(Photograph: fawkx.inx/Instagram).

When it’s about designs for memorial tattoos, the choices are unlimited. But you can select a specific form for a particular person. For example, designs of memorial tattoos for parents will be different than memorial tattoos for husband or wife.

Here are some remembrance tattoo ideas that you can use.

There are so many tattoo designs, so you can select from hundreds, even for a single word.

Remembrance Tattoos For Parents

Remembrance Tattoos For Parents

Suppose you want a memory of your father or mother inked into your skin. A simple “dad” or “mom” on any part of your body would suffice. Many people etch memorial tattoos for parents on their arms, shoulders, or back. Some popular memorial tattoos for Dad and mom include

  • “Dad” or “mom” inside a heart-shaped tattoo
  • A simple “Dad” or “mom” on the arm with a bird, a flower, or a leaf design
  • An image of a father and daughter or father and son
  • A photo of a mom and son or daughter
  • A short poem or a quote specially meant for dads or moms
  • A picture of something your dad or mom loved 
  • “Dad,” “Father,” or “Papa” (depending on what you called him) with the date of his birth and expiry
  • “Mom,” “Mommy,” “ Mother,” or “Mama” with her date of birth and expiry

Remembrance Tattoos For Brothers

Remembrance Tattoos For Brothers
(Photograph: szelmatattoo_wro/Instagram).

You will also find many types of memorial tattoos for your brother if you don’t have many ideas. A brother can be your sibling, a fellow member of your military unit, a musical band, or a best friend. You can ink the tattoo on any part of your body, though arms, shoulders, and back are the most popular parts.

  • A heart-touching quote meant for the brother you lost
  • A handshake image with a short quote
  • A picture of a fist bump with an impressive quote
  • An image of birds flying with a message that says you miss them

These are only examples because there are many more you can choose like wings, butterflies, hearts, flowers, crosses, etc.

Remembrance Tattoos For Grandpa or Grandma

Remembrance Tattoos For Grandpa or Grandma
(Photograph: billainktattoo/Instagram).

Parents give birth to their children, but grandparents pamper and love the kids more than we can imagine. So, it’s only fitting if grandkids wish to immortalize them on their skin. 

You will find numerous memorial tattoos for grandpa and grandma, so the choice isn’t limited. You can ink the tattoo wherever you prefer, but most people seem to make it on their shoulders. Examples of memorial tattoos for grandparents include

  • An image of grandpa or grandma with a child
  • A lovely quote on behalf of the grandparent you lost
  • A symbol that signifies a grandparent
  • A simple “grandpa” or “grandma” inside a heart-shaped tattoo
  • A ball of yarn with knitting sticks (grandma)
  • A police badge (mainly grandpa)
  • A bird
  • Wings
  • A cross

Remembrance Tattoos For Sisters

Balloon and flower tattoo with the date 29.02.1980
(Photograph: de.pueppi/Instagram).

You can make a memorial tattoo for your sister using many designs. Arms, shoulders, chest, and belly, and some areas where people ink memorial tattoos for sisters. Designs include

  • Flowers
  • Heart
  • Wings
  • Angels
  • Feathers
  • Birds
  • Cross
  • Arrows
  • Images of two girls

There are many more besides these. You can make the image and put touching quotes that fit a sister perfectly. 

The ideas above are only a few examples. There are many more, so you can ink whatever reminds you of your loved ones who have passed away.

Can A Tattoo Be A Tribute?

A person holding a bow tie and a pair of wrist tattoos, with the text "Oliver 2018-2023" above.

Yes, a tattoo can be a tribute to someone you love, including siblings, parents, pets, friends, comrades in arms, and your other half (spouse, fiancé, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancée, etc.). You honor a person or pet when you etch their initials, images, or words in their name.

You can make a tribute tattoo even more personal by including the ashes of a deceased person in the ink used for tattooing. However, you must find an experienced professional tattoo artist to do the same.

Should You Choose Black and Grey or Colored Tattoo For Memorial Tattoo?

Woman with a palm tree tattoo on her right shoulder

Both types look great when created by experts. If you like a bright and eye-catching look, choose colored designs. If you’re into more classic art, black and grey forms look fantastic as well.

But remember that colored tattoos cost more than classic ones. Big designs are also more expensive than small memorial tattoos. If money isn’t a problem, you can choose big or small, depending on your preference.

Interesting Facts About Memorial Tattoos

Black and white tattoo of a boot with flowers in it
(Photograph: caseymarietattoo/Instagram).

Here are 10 interesting statistics about memorial tattoos, along with their sources:

  1. 69% of adults say they got any of their tattoos to honor or remember someone or something.
  2. 47% of adults say they got a tattoo to make a statement.
  3. 32% of Americans have a tattoo, including 22% who have more than one.
  4. 38% of women have at least one tattoo, compared with 27% of men.
  5. 39% of Black Americans have a tattoo, compared with 35% of Hispanic, 32% of White and 14% of Asian Americans.
  6. Many of the participants in a focus group study had memorial tattoos.
  7. 23% of respondents reported regret about having a tattoo.
  8. Tattoos can be a way to advance the continuing bonds theory.
  9. Sunburn and sunscreen tattoos are a growing trend.
  10. Tattoos can be a way to cope with grief and loss.



Final Thoughts

Inking memorial tattoos is a beautiful way to express our sorrow, pay tribute, and heal our souls when a loved one passes away. There are many designs to choose from and many areas to ink the tattoo.

It doesn’t matter, even if it’s a tiny design, because you do it for someone you love and adore. It’s the thought that matters. Many professionals do the job, so finding one won’t be a problem if you ever need one.

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