Masquerade Mask Tattoo
Masquerade Mask Tattoo Info and Suggestions.

What’s behind the mask? A masquerade mask tattoo is a dramatic way to reveal your theatrical side and carry both the tragedy and comedy of life. Whether you enjoy the mystery and seduction of the ball or have an alter ego you want to reveal a glimpse of, a masquerade mask tattoo makes a sophisticated, if not elegant, choice.

What Is the Masquerade?

Fancy masks are the disguising props worn at what is also known as the Carnivale. Masquerade masks originated in Venice during the 13th century and became part of popular culture thanks to a Venetian celebration that began on Santo Shevano and ended on Shrove Tuesday.

During the Carnivale, children would entertain adults while donning these same masks.

Stories of love and loss would be told for entertainment alongside acrobats and jugglers, and everyone’s true identity would remain hidden. Much like Halloween, people sort of came out of their shells since their true selves were kept a mystery. Social status was not important, and people were free to be as they wish.

Types of Masks

Types of Masquerade Masks Tattoos

There are several popular types of masquerade masks. Dating back to the 16th century, Harlequin masks became popular from their association with fantasy literature. This character is dynamic and dramatic and often jumps around in a diamond-adorned costume.

If you want to express sorrow and sadness, there is no greater mask than Volto. If you’ve ever caught sight of a Venetian mask with a long nose shaped like a crow, you have seen him. You can recreate the drama of the theatre by donning any of these masks in a unique tattoo design. It’s helpful to study and research their history in plays so that you can find a masked identity that best suits your very own persona.

Masquerade Mask Tattoo Placement Ideas

Because masks are meant to reveal yet hide at the same time, placing them in a similar body location makes the most sense. The upper thigh, shoulder blade, and lower hip make sexy spots for a mask tattoo. For men, the chest is a suitable choice. For even when the shirt comes off, the mask still stays. No matter where you place your masquerade mask tattoo, be sure you find any artist that can work some magic into this dramatic tattoo design.

Whether you opt for the Jester, the Harlequin, or Volto, you will want a good dose of personality added to your design. Small details will be really important. Consider also whether you want a colorful tattoo or would rather wear just black and grey. Black and grey designs will make a profound statement but will not carry the jolly and clown-like vibe of most masquerade mask tattoos.

Finally, decide whether you want a quote or verse added to your tattoo design. Because many masquerade masks originate from avant-garde theatre performances, reading any of these plays and finding an enthralling quote may be worth the investment of your time.

While a masquerade tattoo has a hidden identity, you may find it even more symbolic of wearing some classic literature on your body’s canvas. You can read all about the Carnivale here and get inspired for your very own masquerade mask tattoo.

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