Lower back tattoos have a mocked reputation right up there with many of the other infamous tattoo trends that emerged in the late 1990s-2000s. From Pamela Anderson-inspired barbed wire tribal armbands to Chinese symbols, the tramp stamp tattoo became a favorite thanks to its provocative location, revealing itself only when one bent over.

Lower Back Tattoos
Yaroslav Arsenkin/Flickr. Lower Back Tattoos.

The problem with this idea was that too many people bent over too far, in too low of clothing, bearing tattoo designs that were generic, mass-produced, and at many times not in scale for their body. Whether that means too big or too small, a bad-fitting tattoo doesn’t flatter the shape.

While tramp stamp tattoos make the list of regrettable places to ink, that doesn’t mean a lower back tattoo is always the kiss of death. Here’s how to choose a lower back tattoo that enhances your body shape without falling into the dated tramp stamp category.

Design Suggestions

First and foremost, ditch the typical tramp stamp tattoo designs.

This includes small butterflies, fairies, and hearts. Instead, a fresh lower back tattoo design idea may include a fire-breathing dragon or a cobra that wraps itself from your calves up to your lower body. A tree, fantastical scene, or even fine art-inspired tattoos can all cover up a former lower back piece, or stand alone as a worthy option for lower body modification.

An intricate and curved design will flatter the body much more than just a blob of ink without purpose. Follow your body shape for something sexy that enhances your best features.

Lower Back Tattoos Designs
@tattoos_of_instagram. Lower Back Tattoos Designs

Celebrities with Tramp Stamp Tattoos

If you have a tramp stamp, rest assured you aren’t alone. The following celebrities all have a tramp stamp that they try to hide. And don’t think tramp stamps were popular only among women, look at some of the sexy men who made the list.

  1. Ben Affleck – Ben begins our list of celebs with tramp stamp tattoos. He has a dolphin design that covers an ex-girlfriend’s name.
  2. Eva Longoria – Bears a cross tattoo on her lower back.
  3. Britney Spears – Wears a small fairy lower back tattoo.
  4. Drew Barrymore – Although the tattooed flower child is currently planning laser tattoo removal for her six tattoos as she converts to her husband’s Jewish faith, she still has a lower back angel design.
  5. Brad Pitt – Brad bears a map of the levees that went down during Hurricane Katrina, in an effort to show his support.
  6. Jessica Alba – Jessica bears a sweet little Lolita-inspired bow right above her unmentionables.
  7. Lindsay Lohan – Lindsay tattooed the phrase ‘la bella vita’ on her back, which translates to living the good life in Italian.
  8. Brandy – Pop musician Brandy Norwood has a pretty lotus flower tattoo on her lower back.
  9. Brooke Hogan – Hulk’s daughter Brooke also opted for a phrase tattoo. Although, unlike Lindsay who lives the good life, Brooke seeks ‘Redemption.’
  10. David Beckham – It’s true. David Beckham has a tramp stamp. And it’s also a name tattoo in honor of his son Brooklyn. It’s written in dark black gothic lettering and for some reason, it works!

How to Fix Your Tramp Stamp Tattoo

If you’re left with one of the world’s worst tattoos and just can’t handle another tramp stamp comment, it might be time to step up your tattoo game and make a few changes.

A talented artist can revisit your original tattoo design and work their magic. Most tramp stamp tattoos were small and dinky, and meaningless for that matter. Opt for a work of art and explore designs that cascades down your back, such as a mermaid, cherry blossom, or even a ship. Create a larger tattoo design and your artist can easily mask the original and create a magnificent piece of art that you can be proud to wear.

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