Lolita Inspired Tattoo Ideas

“Lolita. Light of my life, the fire of my loins. My sin, my soul.” (Lolita) These love taboo Lolita-inspired tattoo ideas are feminine and sweet. Perfect for your girly side, you’ll beg for each.

1. Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons and Bows Tattoo - Lolita inspired tattoo ideas
Lolita inspired tattoo ideas. Image courtesy @princess_kittey

Lolita is a novel written by Vladimir Nabokov, published in 1955, which tells the story of Dolores Haze, who became the object of her stepfather’s sexual desires. The controversial story has since become a fashion sense and style. “Lolita” inspired clothing included tea party style dresses, white knee-high stockings with frills, and black shiny patent Mary-Jane shoes. Often girls dressing in the Lolita fashion participate in Comicon events. This means the hair is often wild and colorful, though the standard is usually long hair that can be tied in many sweet styles like pigtails and ponytails. Capturing their lust, sin and the sultriness of the story of Dolores and her 12-year old innocence, girly ribbons and bows are a most sensual choice for a Lolita-inspired tattoo design. Wrap your ribbons in a garter design embracing your thighs and let him try to take it off.

2. Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls Tattoo
5 Sweet Lolita Inspired Tattoo Ideas

In Russia, nesting dolls depict closeness. Carry a Russian love affair theme and celebrate the origin of Lolita. Fancy little dolls can be painted in lovely colors and paired with flowers and small details that add charm and beg for a closer peek.

3. Kittens

Chasing balls of yarn, playfully romping, or wearing a sparkly tiara, kitten tattoos are the perfect choice for Lolita. A little kitten design can be depicted in so many tattoo styles. From a New Skool cool cat to a pin-up inspired kitty with her own sass, a sexy kitten is for pure petting pleasure.

4. Teacups

Teacups tattoo
Image: @imperialtattoo

Add some sweetness to your body art with a teacup or a teapot tattoo. Whether you incorporate a book theme such as an Alice in Wonderland tattoo or opt for a China teapot with a frilly and floral border, there are also some catchy phrases you can add if you like the idea of script tattoos. For example: ‘Loyal Tea’ ‘Tea for Two’ or add an old school ship swimming in a spilling cup with the phrase ‘Storm in a Tea Cup.’ Show him what you can do when you get all stormed up.

5. Cameos

For the hopeless romantic, a Victorian-inspired cameo tattoo captures the essence and charm of a bygone era. A popular jewelry tattoo design, a cameo should be at least several inches in diameter to capture the best detail, suggests Texas artist Sara Mae at Southern Hospitality Tattoos in Round Rock, Texas. Lolita’s locket can wrap around the ankle, the wrist, the thigh in a garter design, or along the neck.

6. Stardust Quote

To capture one of the most simple messages of Lolita, opt for a sparkle of stars and a verse tattoo with the quote “And the rest is rust and stardust.”

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