However creepy and crawly, these top 5 insect tattoos have some hidden meanings. From rebirth to independence, take a bite or flutter away with insect inspiration.

1. Spiders

Insect Tattoos
Image CC VolaVale@ Flickr.

Spider’s tattoos are both dark and mysterious. A Black Widow spider is the most popular choice for a spider tattoo and makes an enticing pick for anyone who wants to declare her independence. After mating with her partner, a Black Widow attacks and kills him just like that. Consider a spider on your hand, shoulder, or suspended from a web on a sleeve tattoo.

2. Butterflies

Butterfly Tattoo
Top 5 Insect Tattoos

Starting life as a lowly caterpillar, the butterfly experiences drastic and beautiful changes during the process of metamorphosis. Embracing change can be difficult, but when you come to accept it, you are free to fly. Butterfly tattoos can be single or grouped.

3. Beetles

From ancient scarab beetles that watched over Cleopatra’s tomb to large and colorful species, beetles carry many significant meanings. The Egyptians believed the dung beetle to help guide one towards the afterlife and celebrated the Scarab for their representation of self-renewal. Scarabs also represent the sun and are often worn as lucky amulets and talismans.

4. Dragonfly

Dragonfly tattoos symbolize rebirth and change; it’s no wonder their iridescent wings make them yet another popular choice for the top 5 insect tattoo designs. Mystical and often symbolic of good luck and wisdom, dragonflies are respected in Japanese and Native American cultures. For design ideas, consider Asian dragonflies or incorporate a pond scene.

5. Ladybugs

Need a little luck? Ladybug tattoos are dainty, sweet, whimsical, and packed with plenty of legends and lore. Back in the pioneering days, a ladybug found within the home was considered good luck, whereas the British farmers declared the sight of a ladybug a sure sign of a bountiful crop. Victorian women believed wherever a ladybug landed a new accessory would soon too. On your head? A new hat in the future. On your hand? A new pair of gloves should be awaiting at home boxed and bowed. Dreamers they were, why not pair your ladybug with a Victorian cameo design for the best of both worlds? Get inspired for a cameo tattoo here.

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