When it comes to choosing a tattoo, we all want something meaningful to us. This should make selecting a design easy, but when you’re on the spot and committing to something, it can be harder than you think.   

The problem is, it’s permanent. While this is part of the charm of getting a tattoo, it also means you need to make a decision that you will be happy with for years to come. That’s why we’ve created this article. We’ll help you brainstorm ideas and come up with a design you’ll be pleased to have inked on your skin forever.

Commemorate an event

How to Choose a Meaningful Tattoo

There’s nothing wrong with getting a tattoo simply because you like the way it looks, but it’s nice if it has a backstory. The right ink can be a great conversation starter, so think about what you’d like it to link to.

For lots of people, it’s a nice way to commemorate a particular life event. This might be something major, like the place you got married, or else a time when you were incredibly happy. It could even symbolize a completely insignificant day when you felt like everything was right in the world. Eyebrow tattoos are also popular but eyebrow tattoo removal isn’t the most comfortable one so you should think twice about it.

Remind yourself of an ethos you live by

Remind yourself of an ethos you live by

Quotes are also a popular choice. It can be easy to lose sight of the beliefs we hold in the chaos of modern life, but a tattoo can act as a permanent reminder. There are so many options to choose from, whether you go with a line from your favorite book or something your mom used to tell you growing up.

For example, Megan Fox has a Shakespearean quote tattooed on the back of her shoulder. It reads “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” and is taken from King Lear. Katy Perry, on the other hand, has a more modern-day mantra on her right bicep. She dons “Go with the flow” written in Sanskrit.  

Other ways to find inspiration are through meaningful words, phrases, or imagery from artworks. Maybe you feel particularly attracted to artwork from gaming. You could draw inspiration from one of the many casino games from all genres available on online Pennsylvania casinos. There is a tremendous variety of options based on all aspects of popular media like film, TV, and music. The graphics span all art styles and might just offer you something you hadn’t thought of initially.

Choose something you’re passionate about

If you’re going to have an image tattooed on your skin forever, we think it should be something you want to talk about. That’s why we like themed tattoos that tie into something we’re passionate about.

For instance, a talented musician might want to get a small music note tattooed on their wrist, while an equestrian could opt for a horseshoe on their ankle. This way, anytime someone asks about your ink, you can tell them about its inspiration, i.e. the thing you love most.

Remember, when it comes to choosing ink, there are no real rules. The most important thing is you like your design and are happy to have it tattooed on your skin. If it’s meaningful to boot, that can only be a good thing.

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