From the soccer field to the red carpet, the following 5 hottest tattooed male celebrities turn up the heat in Hollywood with their unique body art and bodies. What was once considered taboo, is now becoming the Hollywood trends and it’s not just musicians that are getting inked. Famous athletes have changed the look of many sports with their tattoos. Clean cut and young pop stars, such as Justin Bieber, have a collection of personal tattoos. Take a looks at some of the hottest tattooed male celebrities today.

1. David Beckham

David Beckham tattoo
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Major league soccer player and style icon, David Beckham kick up some controversy on the field with his vast collection of tattoos.

Tattoos: With two full arm sleeves, many of Beckham’s tattoos are rich in angelic and religious significance. He has angels and Roman Numerals, and the names of his children, along with the Hindi inscription of his wife Victoria Beckham’s name with the Latin phrase “Ut Amem Et Foveam”, which translates to ‘so that I love and cherish’ written romantically below. In addition to his fullback piece depicting a crucifixion, this inked up soccer hottie also has rose tattoos, star tattoos and his most recent piece, a pair of angel wings.

2. Adam Levine

Adam Levine tattoo
Adam Levine. Images @ Getty


Musician, singer, and Maroon 5 frontman.

Tattoos: Taking a worldly and organic approach to his body art, badass Adam Levine has plenty of alluring and meaningful tattoos. Let’s start with the black beaded necklace tattoo he got while in Japan. Jewelry tattoos are such a fresh and modern tattoo idea for men. Especially when designed in a bead or rosary piece. They lose their feminine traits and just become unique. Adam also tattooed a cobra on his arm, the name of his city, Los Angeles, and a yoga symbol to represent fire and determination. Feel the passion? No wonder Adam Levine’s so hot!

3. Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz Tatto
Lenny Kravitz. Image courtesy Getty


Rock musician Lenny Kravitz is even sexier when he shows off his sentimental collection of tattoos.

Tattoos: Lenny Kravitz has an eclectic and very personal collection of body art. Best known is Lenny’s large dragon tattoo that sprawls across his chest. Designed in a black and grey style with just a punch of red, the dragon represents his animal in the Chinese Zodiac. To pay tribute to his evolving spirituality, Kravitz has a large cross tattoo. In addition, Lenny wears several script tattoos and a bouquet of flower tattoos that display his softer and sentimental side.

4. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Tattoo
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Let us not forget. Winona Forever or Wino Forever, Johnny Depp and his tattoo regrets, will always make the top 5 list of hottest tattooed celebrities.

Tattoos: Paying tribute to his heritage, Johnny Depp has many Native tattoos. From the tribal head on his arm to the tribal marks above his Betty Sue tattoo, Johnny also honors his family with name tattoos and three small hearts in honor of his former wife Vanessa, son Jack, and daughter Lily-Rose. Johnny Depp has a number tattoo, skull and crossbones and a swallow tattoo as well. Most recently Johhny has added a book quote tattoo and also a shared marking with former death row inmate and member of the West Memphis Three case, Damien Echols.

5. John Mayer

John Mayer tattoos
5 Hottest Tattooed Male Celebrities. Photo via @Pinterest.


Bad boy pop and blues musician, John Mayer, has quite an attractive display of body art.

Tattoos: Following the discipline of the Krav Maga, John Mayer collects tattoos. He has the numbers 77 signifying the year of his birth on his chest, several floral tattoos, the name of a song titled “Home” and “Life” koi fish, a dragon-like beast and a few triangles.

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