Orbital piercings are already super hot this season, but this twist on the trend will have you swooning.

In the midst of constellation piercings and putting earrings in every place but your actual ears, the orbital piercing trend kind of got lost for a while. However, Instagrammers who have deemed themselves ready to take their piercing game to the next level are bringing it back, and when it looks this freaking cute, we can see why!

So adorably dubbed “heartilage” (heart + cartilage) by PopSugar, orbital piercings use two holes for one piece of jewelry that, in this particular trend, is heart-shaped. Now, before you go running to a salon, this piercing is definitely one that you and your piercer need to put some extra thought into, as it involves some serious commitment.

For one, the cartilage is a very sensitive area to get pierced, and the piece of jewelry you decide on requires exact piercing placement, with the angle of the holes lined up symmetrically, to ensure a perfect fit.

While definitely not the first, New York piercer Robbie Milian is one of the first high-profile people to try this lookout on his clients (they’re normally called “heart orbitals”), and we’re absolutely loving it. Besides, even if you eventually get sick of the heart-shaped ring, replacing the holes with two little hoops or adorable studs would be a super easy switch!

What is a Heartilage Piercing and Why is it Trending?

What is a Heartilage Piercing and Why is it Trending?

Heartilage piercing, a trendy term buzzing around these days, is a type of ear piercing. It’s not your usual earlobe puncture. This one is artfully done on the cartilage to resemble a heart shape. It’s gaining steam in the world of body art for its unique and playful look.

Folks are flocking to this style because it’s a fresh twist on the classic cartilage piercing. The heart-shaped design adds a dash of whimsy and personal expression. It stands out from more traditional piercings and allows individuals to showcase their personality and style in a subtle yet impactful way.

But, like any piercing, it’s not just about the style; it’s about making a statement. Choosing a heartilage piercing could be a way to celebrate love, express individuality, or just embrace a new trend. It’s all about making your mark, quite literally, in a way that’s both personal and fashion-forward.

In a nutshell, a heartilage piercing is where style meets personal expression, making a quiet yet bold statement. It’s no wonder it’s all the rage right now!

How does a heartilage piercing differ from other cartilage piercings in terms of pain, healing process, and aftercare requirements?

How does a heartilage piercing differ from other cartilage piercings

A heartilage piercing, with its unique heart shape, stands out from other cartilage piercings in several ways, especially regarding pain, healing, and aftercare.

Pain Level: The pain experienced during a heartilage piercing might be slightly more intense than a standard cartilage piercing. This increased discomfort results from the intricate shaping required to achieve the heart design. However, pain tolerance varies widely among individuals.

Healing Process: The healing time for a heartilage piercing can be longer compared to simpler cartilage piercings. This extended period is due to the complex shape of the piercing, which may disturb more tissue. A typical cartilage piercing takes about 3-6 months to heal, but a heartilage piercing might need a bit more time for complete healing.

Aftercare Requirements: The aftercare for a heartilage piercing is more demanding. It requires diligent cleaning to prevent infection, given its intricate shape. Regular saline solution cleanings are essential, and avoiding unnecessary touching or moving of the jewelry is crucial. The unique shape may also necessitate more careful handling during cleaning and daily activities to avoid irritation or disruption of the healing process.

In summary, a heartilage piercing, while aesthetically distinct and trendy, requires a higher pain tolerance, a longer healing time, and more attentive aftercare compared to standard cartilage piercings. These factors are important considerations for anyone thinking about getting this type of piercing.

We’re definitely stoked that these heartilage piercings are making a serious comeback, and we don’t think they’ll be getting overlooked again anytime soon!

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